wowza!  hey we’re rolling right on through the grand and glorious month of July!  and we have not been sleeping in, or staying close to home!


outside of hair, make up and wardrobe:  that’s part of the crew getting one last look before they’re taxied to the set.  (psst!  this was in Scotland…  sometime during the week of June 4th to 8th!)(don’t tell anyone!)


fake dirty hands:  on the set, and waiting!  (that gig seems like another life ago!)


Jasmine Moon:  riding across the great Lake Huron, July 6th!


at the club on July 11th!  tanned feet in those famous shoes always wins them over!


Jasmine Moon: going through some old ballet dance moves while riding across the great Lake Huron, July 18th!


Cove Island Lighthouse, July 18th.  a beauty evening for sailing!


sunset on the range:  July 23rd.  a sweet place of peace to call home sweet home.


sunrise on the range:  July 26th!  wow!  and i mean ultra wow!  yes there is a special place, a private place, for family and close friends, where a paradise really is right here on this good island!

i haven’t forgotten how to paint! there are many of them right here, on the range, being created.  we’ll have some photos to share very soon!