a sunny afternoon in paradise:  home on the range, in Tehkummah, August 9th.  ultra wowza!  you can not be painting all the time!


working on the tan, August 9th, 5 p.m.  plenty of room and time for some sun worship!


sunrise on the range:  August 17th.  if you stay quiet for a few minutes, you can hear that quiet turn where autumn begins landing.


sunrise (cont.) on August 17th.  yes…  the summer is quietly getting up and walking away.


my feet in Providence Bay, Friday night, August 17th:  waiting for the kids at the fair.  my how times change.


at Providence Bay beach, Friday night, August 17th:  i wonder if some of these are the same stones i walked with, 35 years ago…


as i watched the scenes unfold, i thought about the town of Ayr, and the good folks who live there.


at Providence Bay beach, Friday night, August 17th.  alone with the stones…  (the kids were at the fair and the rest of them, i have no idea!)


ah but i could stand here and watch these scenes through the seasons!  and there are many times i think i have.

and so the kids were at the fair and i wandered the beach.  1015 p.m. they were good to go and we rolled out of Providence Bay going east on The Government Road.  the night was ultra and supra mild, i had the window down and the kids were in the back, going on about what they’d seen.  i kept it slow as a deer could jump out at any moment, i’d already tagged one on that very road, in another automobile, in what seems like another life time ago.

we rolled up to our turn in the road, and of course that’s when it happened.  a raccoon ran out in front of us and of course the dumb ass got himself killed right then and there.  the kids screamed:  what was that?!!!  i told them it was nothing and made the turn but i could tell something “weird” was going on with the car.  we got into the drive and it was pretty clear, even in the pitch black of night out here, that the front end of the car was falling off…