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Show bizz…


sunrise as seen from the 9th, Markham, Ontario, Saturday morning, September 8, 2018.  we’re back to some of our fave spaces from last spring and winter!


sunrise cont., as seen from the 9th, Markham, September 8th.  scenes can change pretty fast!  happy to see it.  down below, that’s highway 7 at McCowan.


blazing into the city of Toronto at 8 a.m., Saturday morning, going to the gig.   these road shows are fun stuff and the things you see along the way are worth something.


untitled sketch, winter 2018.  7×9 inch board.  that is Stevensons Acrylic used in a water colour technique.  i’m going to play around with this idea a bit more before we go to the canvas.  it’s a very old composition from a sketch book going all the way  back to 1991!


twinravens, 5×7 inches, on board, July 2018.  i had this one on the table and got to looking at it, thinking i might like to keep that one.  pretty soon a young lady came along and she got to liking it as well.  her father was there and they made up their minds that they were taking it.  i said if you don’t take it, i’m going to take it!  (it’s happened in the past!)

we’re back in Ottawa this morning via highway 7, a beauty drive and the scenes along that way, well, i haven’t been down that road in ten years.

the good news is:  i have my paints and brushes moved in!  we can get back to work!


and so i have crossed that great divide between summer and autumn: for me that is summer leading up to Labour Day, autumn landing on the Tuesday after. today it is Thursday and i’m back in the city.

when i threw open the back door this morning at 630, the 1954 classic: The Rear Window, came to mind. we have just such a scene but in a modern way, complete with dope smoke wafting in from all directions and hookers wandering around, general issue guttersnipe and a few monkeys in the yards and trees it seems…  ah yes, town of Vanier.  i think the heat and humidity might have been getting to a few of them.  we have no Grace Kelly look a likes walking this part of town or coming to visit me, near the window out back, but we do have a great many windows and i’m up here on the 4th floor, the windows across the way aren’t far off.


sunrise on the range, way back on August 17th.  a grand and beautiful scene, private too!  we have no curtains on our windows back home.


waiting in line to see the show:  Praying Hands, on Dundas Street East, August 2nd.  truth be told i’m not so sure if it was worth waiting in line for…


you still have time to see Confluence, at the Gore Bay Museum!  we LOVED the show!


Gore Bay on August 30th.  is that my darling Sadaf, out there on those rocks?


untitled sketch on canvas board, 16×20 inches, 2015.  artist collection.  i found this one recently and asked myself:  where is the big canvas of this?  perhaps this autumn it will find its way to a 24×36.


untitled sketch, Bic pen on 70 pound paper, March 10, 1995.  artist collection.  (hey Tash, do you remember our spring time in Toronto, March 1995?)


“Raven at New Moon”, acrylic on canvas board, 18×24 inches, December 15, 2017.  artist collection.  (word around the campfire is this year’s painting selections were “dark”…  hmmm.)


11 a.m. on the range, Friday, August 31st.  not sure about the rest of the team but i was counting down the hours and working at making the most of them!


“Going Anyway”, words and music by Mark Seabrook.  is that one in Crossroads Cant Collective?  (i’m still looking for a female vocalist for that one!)


at the corner of Bank and Somerset, Ottawa, August 26th.  and so we switch out our country flip flops for some “well heeled” city shoes, switch gears and move on towards the next objective!


we’re a long way from September of last year, when i was on the range, alone, for 6 brutal weeks, trooping through Indian Summer, paint brush in hand, scared about being abducted by aliens, drinking fine red wines into the late nights and…


bar hopping on August 26, Ottawa.  that’s at the Royal Oak on Bank Street.  and so we walk on over to a new place, and a brand new adventure, hopefully some brand new paintings will follow.  off with the cottage clothes and into this city stuff, to see what we can see!  and carrying a book instead of a laptop.  the book is:  A Farewell to Arms.