we’re back on the range and when we arrived, 10 p.m., it was nippy but clear:  above us:  the mighty Milky Way, stretching from north east to south west!  WOW!  you can’t see anything like that when in the grisly clutches of the capital city.  also going on out here at 10 p.m.:  absolute silence!  in the distance, far away, the waterfalls filled with salmon, making that yearly trek.  also a huge change from the sirens, the screaming, the howling and crying, going on within the wilds of the capital city, at that hour.

nope!  we broke out of the city and at good speed.  (ha!)


“the glass aint half full or half empty, it’s fully and completely BONE DRY”, life in the capital city, at 544 p.m., September 26th.


“Tuesday night at the AFOA conference”, Oct. 2nd, Shaw Centre, downtown Ottawa.  gals from the north country singing that north country song:  i snapped this photo as this tune on the set list was ringing bells!  i have no idea what is happening with “Inuit throat singing”, and sure, you can wikipedia the thing and get the local high lights of who is selling the most records and getting Juno awards for using it, but i mean really, out there in the actual north country, where there are no big wifi passwords to wonder about.


“the drive home”, Mattawa, Ontario, 5 p.m. on October 4th.  half way in what is about a 9 hour drive.  that’s the mighty Ottawa River and over there:  Quebec.


“at home on the range, in October”.  now this was not taken this weekend, it was a few years back when Thanksgiving weekend was in the middle of a heat wave.  wowza!  that’s the Manitou, flowing free!  as seen from the north bank, on the trail, half way from the house to the waterfalls.  a classic place and a place of peace!  this weekend we have some cloudy skies: a not so photogenic photo op.  but the maple is still there and so is the river, filled with salmon.


“good ole Smokey, on the back 90”, one of my fave maple trees, out there where the mares keep cool/warm.  the pooch is in the tall grass.  photo from…  was it 2013?

well that is what a sunny Thanksgiving weekend looks like up here in the grand and glorious north country of Manitoulin Island!  but today, like i said, we have clouds!  and tomorrow might be rain.  so we’re going into the archives for some photos to share.  it is colourful out here but we need that blaze of sun to light the place up.  with or without the sun, the moon and the stars, the salmon are in the river by the dozen or more.  you can hear them before you see them.

AND!!!  very soon, once the movie comes out, i can start sharing with you, some of those fun “behind the scenes” photos from that wild adventure overseas back in June!  so stay tuned for those!

Happy Thanksgiving!