lets put the mood music on first:  Camila, i love her vocal!

and so.  it is back to the art battle tomorrow night.  and this time we’re fighting.  we MUST make it past that first round, off the beach!

the art battle has us working on a 16×20 inch canvas, acrylic paint (theirs) and our brushes.  time limit:  20 minutes.  as an artist:  you have to haul it and make it fast!  there are 2 rounds of fun and games.  each round is judged by the crowd.  the trick is to get into that 3rd round where the big prize loot is, and the crowd is the trick!  you might LOVE what you’re doing.  but if THEY do not like it, you’re out of there!  easy stuff!

now they have some serious players going in there.  these guys and gals are good.  what they whoop inside of 20 is amazing.  my first time up there i thought i was making something and when the whistle went, nope!  i was way off.  clean off the map!  it was a year later i was back in with them and i thought i had a fighting chance, being featured on the poster promo and all, but nope!  out gunned again!  that was that famed Halloween Art Battle.  Shell and i arrive in costume and nearly took away best couple but i was out after the first round.


an island for art making

from October 2015, before the show.  it might not look like much but that is a sold out show come doors open!


that’s Halloween 2016:  i thought i had something going that night but came up light.  my “Moose Nahmiwan” did sell at the auction but i came home with no ribbons.


unknown artist next to me, at the Halloween Art Battle, 2016:  she was one smoking hot young lady!  pretty slick artist too!

IMG_2464 - Version 2

“Indian Residential School: Hell on Earth”, acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches, 2017.  Artist Collection.  i’d love to pull something like this out of the sticks:  basic black and white but i don’t know if i can muster such a scene in 20.  (i seriously wonder though…  should i at least give a go?)


“Shawl Dancer without her shawl…  “, 2B pencil on Linetek 3000 illustration board, Bainbridge, 16×20 inches, 1987.   Artist Collection.  sweet Tasha Darling… come to me in dreams tonight.  instruct me.  teach me.  tell me.  i need your wisdom!