well of course sweet Tasha Darling did NOT come to me in dreams as per requested.  instead it was Stacy, that wild young thing from Malibu, who has been haunting my dreams since i turned sixteen…


rock and roll line up card: pre show jitters, Art Battle, Wednesday Night, November 21st.


the art island, ready to go to war!  in the Arts Court, right next to Saw Gallery, right down town on a super ice cold and windy night!  (looked like a sold out show to me!)


the sacred text…  (you know i’m always very much interested to see what the other artists choose and how much they load in terms of paint, for a 20 minute brush with show bizz!)


and there she is:  a raven, always willing to go that little bit extra…  (that’s 20 minutes on a 16×20 inch .75 canvas)  and SOLD!!!  at the auction on site, later that evening.

it was a great and fun time, as always, at the Art Battle.  there are some super class A shooters in that crew and the stuff they were making in that final round: wowza!  we’re talking the big leagues.

tomorrow we’re back at it:  it is Paint Night w yours truly!   we’re at the Morning Owl Coffeehouse and Parlour, 229 Armstrong St., Parkdale neighbourhood, Ottawa, Ontario!  doors open at 630 p.m., wine and other fun stuff on the go, all the paints, brushes, and canvas boards will be there and your instructor:  Mr. Mark Seabrook, B.A., B.Ed., world famous Anishnabe artist will be there and ready to assist!  (world famous…  ha ha!)

no artistic experience necessary!  just come out, cost is a measly 12 bucks and hey!!!  art making and a glass of vin?  yeah baby.

as for that super talented Stacy…  she’s quite a dream as well.