this morning at 7 a.m., Markham, Ontario, Canada.  December 2.  the good folks here on the 9th have the holiday cheer in progress and it sure does bring back a lot of good and fun memories.  (dreams too…  woke up in the middle of night…  after dreaming about “Her” again.)


Thursday night, November 29th,  at the corner of Armstrong and Hamilton, Ottawa, Ontario.  i had the pre show jitters so a walk around the block i suspected might calm me.  when you’re going into a class to teach art and art making, even though i’ve been in the business for 30 years, you never know what you’re going to meet up with, or who!


at the Morning Owl Coffeehouse and Parlour:  art making in basic, an introduction to acrylic paint on canvas board, a sold out show, Thursday night in Ottawa.  that is half of the participants, the other half are busy behind me.  now hey!  that was a lot of fun!  very many thanks to the lovely Sadaf for hosting the event, pouring the vin, and making sure all was in grand order throughout the 2 hours we were hard at it!  this was Class A.  next time, how about we try an introduction to landscape?  or one of my personal faves:  painting and poetry, hand in hand.


The Chateau Laurier as seen from Elgin Street, November 29th, 11 p.m., walking home after class.  (the Chateau Laurier is NOT my home!  ha!)


Tehkummah Scenes, 9×12 inches, acrylic on canvas board.  and so today we are at the Indian Friendship Centre in downtown Toronto, going to work on day 2!  we’ll have this canvas board available along with 50 others, ready for your xmas shopping!  we had a great day there yesterday, meeting up with a few old movie buddies and some folks from a very long time ago.

now me and Joe, we were on the movie set in Scotland back in June.  i had never met the man until we were over there, hanging around the back stage area.  but of course i’d seen him around before that, and i had definitely seen his artwork, and knew this man wasn’t fooling around.  yesterday i walked into the FC and who is the first person i see?  there’s Joe setting up shop.  so i said in a loud twinravens twang:  holy smokes i didn’t know they had movie stars at this sale!!!  (me and Joe, get this:  there must have been 500 people or more that went through that movie audition at the Toronto FC back in March, and the only 2 people from that session they picked, were me and Joe!)

yesterday i also crossed paths with a lady who i’d not seen since my Debajehmujig Theatre Group days!!!  now that goes back to 1990 and 91.  it was a summer afternoon in the town of Manitowaning, on Manitoulin Island, at a diner, and so the story goes:  i was writing at the time (20th Century Indian Boy, a one act play for Debajeh which they toured in 1993!) and so that is how i described myself:  a writer.  BUT!  i was also doodling on a napkin at the diner and she ended up taking the napkin and said to me yesterday:  you described yourself as a writer but i saw that drawing and wondered if maybe you were an artist too!

that was just too COOL!  all these years later!

now i want to thank you folks for writing and commenting about my sweet Tasha Darling and her not showing up in dreams, as requested.  some of you asked about wild and crazy Stacey and if i had a drawing of her and yes i do!


Fancy Shawl Dancer, fine tip Sharpie Marker on 50 pound paper, 8.5×11 inches, July 1995.  Artist collection.  Stacey from Malibu.  (originally from Turtle Mountain!)


Traditional Dancer, fine tip Sharpie Marker on 50 pound paper, 8.5×11 inches.  July 1995.  Artist Collection.  Mark from Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island.  (originally from Sagamok Anishnabek First Nation!)

and so i wrote these words around that time…

“he was from the north country and dressed in the colours of the night, she was from the south and dressed in the fire from the light…”

Words and Music by Mark Seabrook.

(Tash wore red but Stace wore black…   just like a you know who…   )