had an email from my niece yesterday, she is a fan of the Outlander series, and over the weekend she saw the latest episode with me running around in back!  ha!


to run it again, and connect a few dots:  that’s me and what’s his name, hanging out between takes.  we’re somewhere in the woods, near the town of Killiecrankie, Scotland where we spent a month playing cowboys and indians.


here is a little photo album Joe put together.  that’s me and him at top, hanging out in the trenches.  that might be one of the Poundmaker boys sitting to my right, out of frame.  Joe had the guts to get next to Claire but i sure didn’t!  Joe also said no way when it came time to walk into that hair salon!

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 9.50.57 PM

and so there i am!  in one of the trailers on youtube!  ha!  doing a thing they called “the bear dance”.  we were in the studio that day, dancing around the fire, sweating like mules whooping up some pow wow dance moves for the movie making folks.

funny stuff.  down right kooky!  yes we were back ground scenery but when someone is offering you a free trip to Scotland, meals and a bunkhouse too, well come on, you gotta go!


me and Joe at the Toronto Native Friendship Centre arts and crafts sale, December 1 and 2.  (my hair is growing back nicely but i’m hearing all the one and two liners, like:  Hey Shorty Long Back, where’d you park your motorcycle? (truth is i liked that one!)  or this one:  Let me guess… your fave song is still Achy Breaky Heart…  (me:  eye roll goes here.))