hello there!  i was downtown just awhile ago carrying a little hard cover book which caught the eye of one of those fancy downtown gals!  she wanted to know what i was reading as it was clear, something very strange was happening with the pages.  said book:


i told her it was my latest painting and poetry project!  which is in basic:  going to the goodwill, finding a hard cover book with a title you’re attracted to (title on this one:  Every Living Thing, by some whoever now long dead), tossing the paper cover into the trash, and turning the thing into some kind of poem, journal, short story or song lyric.


ownership!  that is of course the opening few pages which you absolutely must make into your own.  i used various art tools here:  sharpie markers, blue ball point pens, old and used up highlighters.


pages 2 and 3:  using the “black out or block out technique”, i saved the words that meant something to me and scribbled over what i didn’t need.  and of course added my mighty raven of the night, who is flying over the fields back home!  the “love story” reads as follows:  beauty, a picture…  want to go away.  Ah well, I said at length, I must be on my way.  The silence lasted for a few moments.  There was the faintest tremor.  It was hardly visible.  looked calm and unworried, there was no reason for it…

for art making tools it was mostly ball point pen to scribble out the text that meant nothing to me, a yellow, blue and pink highlighter, and a used up old sharpie marker!  boom!  that’s it!


i got tired pretty quickly with that ball point pen, scribbling out the words i didn’t need! thank goodness i smartened up and started using a sharpie on an angle to cover things up.  oh yes!!!  the trick here is when buying a used hard cover book over at the goodwill, make for darn sure it has some quality paper inside.  this one i picked not only because of the title but the paper too, was quality stuff, thick and full bodied, just the way i like them!


of course the story in this novel was completely lame!  i got tired pretty quickly of reading all the boring crap that was in it!  some pages…  there weren’t any words or phrases that caught my wild eyes so instead of trying come up with something cool in the words dept., i whited out the page with dollar store super cheap acrylic paint.  so here we have white and black cheap-o acrylic paint, and fine tip felt marker.


more black acrylic paint, more sharpie markers, and borrowing images from local but long lost cultures, to hopefully say something about me…


revisiting old compositions and designs created by my daughter Jasmine when she was just 5 years old.  (she’s a genius level visual artist!)  art tools:  white and black acrylic paint, sharpie markers.


3 shades of acrylic with black and white.  we’re getting far into the book by this point and the word pickings were getting very slim…  so at times you’ll really have to flex your visual artist muscles to keep it entertaining.


if it can’t be poetry, it can be a story, or a trip down memory lane…  (same 3 shades of acrylic with a black sharpie)


the book is 342 pages and it might be a challenge up around page 300 or more, especially when its a garbage story!  so you have to hang in there, mix it up, fool around, play.

now this is no fast art making project.  i started on October 16th and finished on November 25th.  depending on the mood, etc., i was fussing up 10 or 20 pages in an evening while my daughter was doing on her home work.  and i have to admit, looking back at it now, it does say quite a few things about where we were at that point in time, autumn 2018.  very telling!

with Xmas holidays coming up fast, you might need a little art making exercise to keep the troops off their gizmos and this might be a good one.  like i said:  find a few old novels at the goodwill, books with interesting titles and quality paper inside, get some dollar store acrylic paint, some sharpies, some highlighters in a rainbow of colour, some ball point pens, a few fine tip felt markers, a fancy full bodied red, get the fire going, put some jazz on, and away you go!  create something fun.

the fancy downtown gal said she loved the idea and wanted to take it home to her family over the holidays!  and so here you go young lass, the idea, which is not an original twinravens idea, but yes, it is a great idea!  have fun!