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the mad city…


Lacasse Ave, Ottawa, 530 p.m., January 23rd.  freezing rain about to begin…


untitled and unfinished:  what do you think, put the ravens in or leave it blank?  acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches.  January 19th.


i think i’ll keep this one.  acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches.  January 19th.


mask making, January 16th.  there is room for a lot of games when it comes to an art activity like this one.


plenty of room for play!  and this is a good thing.  right now the big canvas is in sleep mode.  a lot of fun stuff has been in sleep mode as i worked my way through to the completion of an unfinished project that has gone on that way for much too long!

and lets not forget sunday morning:  such a beautiful dream…


minus 30 C

welcome to Canada!  minus 30 in the wind and it is all of what they say it is!  FRESH!  i’m going out there soon as i need some brand spanking new super and ultra fine paint brush tips.


Pages 230/231, Painting and poetry book project, autumn 2018, acrylic and sharpie marker on paper c. 1992.  looking back on it now, that project/journal is mighty telling!


Pages 266/267, Painting and poetry book project, autumn 2018, acrylic and sharpie marker on paper.  hmmm…  (all will be explained in the upcoming novel about to be released!)


Tehkummah Winter Scenes, 7×9 inches, acrylic on canvas board, c. 2014.  Private collection.  if i were back home i’d imagine seeing something like this!  but we are still in the city.


photo from a long ago August afternoon.   we’re a long way from those summer climes!  i’m dreaming about those as i gear up for a ride downtown to the art store, today we’re after some super fine tip brushes, no matter about the minus 30 bizz:  it is beautiful Canada.  happy new year!