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Sun Infinity Moon Book Review


“I finished the book yesterday, I couldn’t put it down! The sex scenes were hot, humorous and I loved Mark’s rawness, his truth, the details, the characters, journeys, their thoughts: so real!

I could hear his voice and the way he talks, and jokes, telling the story!

The history and raw truth are so touching, I wanted to hear more. I felt a deeper compassion hearing his experiences. The “nish” accent was hilarious but true to our men. I laughed a lot and ohh that ending made me cry!

His detail is impeccable. I wanted more about their journeys. So many more avenues: more books, a play, a movie!

His readers will want more.

So glad I went to the book launch and got my copy. I can think of so many that would enjoy this book and could relate: namely native males I know, with similar tough journeys.”

M.D., Manitoulin Island F/N.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 8.10.48 PM

Back cover of the artist proof:  filled with typos and layout errors!  Ah well.  The reprint will be here soon and hopefully bug free…

I have a couple of more book reviews coming in soon!  But I’ll tell you this:  writing a story like this and having folks give it the once over, the response is SUPER telling!  i.e.:  one gal was all friendly and happy and poops and giggles before, after…  she wouldn’t even look at me!  I mean she would cross over to the other side of the street when she saw me coming along!  WOW!

I get that this IS a tough sell.  We’re a long way from the Disneyland and Hollywood Indian stereotypes.  But I’m not a Joseph Boyden or an Archie Grey Owl!  Ha ha.


twinravens on November 5th, acrylic on canvas board, 8×10 inches.  One of the 25 or so pieces we have ready for this weekend’s pop up art show in Perth, Ontario!  Details are on the Facebook page.

November 4th

Halloween has come and gone!  it is one of my favourite dates on the calendar: we get to dress up and go out, see some fun shows and see some amazing costumes!  right up my alley!


the gal next to me is a serious costume artist!  she was amazing.


the artist:  in crazy Halloween wear!  i love this dress up bizz!


the “well heeled Indian”, ha ha!  (they might look like they’d be tough to walk in but the truth is i can get around in those and for hours at a time!  8 hours on Saturday night!)


funny stuff: serious attention getters!  nothing like standing out!  my thing is: if you’re going to go out:  go out!


recent work:  acrylic on canvas board, 8×10 inches.  the next event for us is a pop up art show and sale coming up this weekend in the town of Perth, Ontario.  we have a stack of paintings in various sizes and quite a few of them in this new idea:  black framed originals.

and so it is November 4th, autumn has fallen from its place in the trees.  its life in the city, not sure when i’ll be going back home.  over here: we see many strange things.  but here inside this little apartment-its all artwork, paintings in progress, waiting for paint to dry.  wish me luck!