November 15th, in the snowy capital city, listening to some 10cc while I pack my art gear, getting ready for an art show and sale:  Roncesvalles, tomorrow, Toronto.  We’ve been happy vendors at Roncesvalles going on, has it been 5 years?  Those folks at Roncy take good care of you: both the vendor and the visitor!


twinravens on November 5th, acrylic on canvas board, 8×10 inches.  We might have a few of these coming along to the show!  This is one of the pieces we had at the sale last weekend in Perth, many thanks to the hosts and the other artists, for a great time, some fun “art” conversations and of course the vin!


Power Bird, acrylic on canvas, 22×28 inches.  Private Collection.  At the event in Perth, I walked in the front door and the first thing I saw hanging on the wall was my old buddy, the Power Bird.  Nice to see you again!


Title unknown, acrylic on canvas, 30×30 inches.  Private Collection.  Also crossed paths with this golden oldie, in the library at the event in Perth.  That is Stevenson Professional acrylic, made in Toronto…  Too bad for me that Stevenson called it quits.  (I’m learning a new brand:  Golden Heavy Body)


From the pages of:  Cruising Back to the Ranch with My Young Friend, a book of poems and photographs by yours truly, which I also happened to come across in the library at the event last weekend.  Hey I remember when I wrote that!  And here is a photo from around that time:


Back home at mom and dad’s, the super wild summer of 1995!  That’s in the sun room on the west side of the house: you can see the last of the July day coming in those windows. Like in the novel: “over there it is day, above us is night.”  And truth is, that little typewriter I’m working on, that is when and where I wrote “Sun”, from Sun Infinity Moon, back in the days before word processors and the internet.

That twinravens summer mission statement was inspired by the poem in the liner notes of the album “Starfish”, by the Church, one of my fave albums from that time.  And let me tell you that mission statement still stands, right here in 2019!  We still cover all of those bases even though we’ve had some wild high jinx along the way this past summer:  one dead moose, one dead deer, two totalled cars, and we’ve switched out the Nikon F2 with the 16 mm lens set at infinity, for an apple iPhone!  But we still have the little black bikini, ha ha!  And of course we are still firm believers in getting a really good tan.  Well.  All of what is written in that mission statement, we follow that to the letter to this day.  If we were to add something it would be:  wear heels that are 6 inches or higher.  Ha ha.  Yes indeed!  It was fun to cross paths with that mission statement, over there in Perth, on the table in the library.  Fun stuff.


At the beach, sweet summer time, Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island, Canada.  We’ll get back there some day.