oh boy… here we are, on Sunday morning, August 16th. today is the day we have to saddle up and go back to the city… yikes. but first we must wait for the car! on Thursday the alternator went in Shell’s Buick and the good folks at the local garage said the best they could do was this Wednesday. so we’re down to one car! and Shell had some work bizz in O Town so she left good and early on Friday morning and has been gone ever since-leaving me out here completely alone AND car less! no car in the drive! i had to walk the 2 miles up to the general store on Friday afternoon, no biggie, to get my refreshments and folks its been a long time since this lad walked like that! it was a wonderful stroll, heat blazing down, no traffic, just me, the open back road and my wild imagination. so no car. day 3. i had plans for my Saturday/Sunday but nope!

River scenes I want to remember!

out of the three weeks here we had every day a blaze of sunshine except 2 and this morning. so my holiday prayers were answered! i wanted some serious bikini time and i got it!

Tent city on the front lawn!

the gang made some nice work of it-turning the front lawn into a community! the days were gosh darn boiling hot and the nights were darn right cool! truth is its always the blues seeing the folks roll up their gear and pack it away, leaving empty spaces behind.

One of those August mornings I dream about!

some mornings its nice to walk the grounds around the crib, other mornings its nice to take a drive around the backroads out here. there is always something to see when you’re moving real slow!

On the 15th Sideroad

riding around one morning i saw this! what a scene! and what peace and quiet in every direction! exactly what i wanted!

An afternoon on the range

oh my goodness there are wonderful scenes in every direction out here! and so wonderful to share them!

limited the computer time to a half hour a day

the view at dinner time: looking east over the open range and what a view! no need for any computer time with something like that going on out there!

sunrise after the meteor shower

some of those August nights featured the best show in town-a meteor shower and we sat on the new front deck and enjoyed the show. remember: no light pollution or noise pollution out here! of course the sunrise out here is also quite a show!

the west lawn

no time this year to mow that section but what we ended up with was quite colourful and something worth looking at! i’ve got an oak tree out there that is digging in!

Friday morning alone

and so she took the car and left me completely alone out here. our summer visitors are gone. just one man alone in paradise. i wanted to drive out and see some of the local art galleries on the island but with no wheels: no dice!

the green and blue at 2 in the afternoon

the sun was blazing on Friday, peace in every direction, but no voices! no conversation. that is when i started thinking about maybe hoofing it the 2 miles up to the local to grab me a splash!

on the road home, suitcase in my hand

took 50 minutes to walk up there, a quick gab with the ladies, turned it around and started walking back, suitcase filled with drinkables, and found this place. now i drive through here all the time, that’s 2nd concession going east/west, but i’ve never walked it! not out by this stretch. and so i cracked open that suitcase, found me a rock on the shady side of the street, and cracked open one of my refreshments and watched this show for a good hour! no traffic!

August afternoon on the range

i’d like to think i maxed it out. i mean yes i didn’t cover all the bases, art galleries included, and missed visiting with folks i said i would get to. but i did get my time in with the land, the river and the sky. and i needed to see that. to smell it! to hear it! to feel it under my bare feet! and of course to get myself that full body tan. so that part of the mission is accomplished.

if all goes well i hope to get back for Labour Day weekend. if all goes well we can cover those missed bases. but who knows, that is a long way off, looking at the calendar right now.

well i drove all night to get over here, way back on July 24/25th and it looks like i’ll be driving all night to get back. i sure hope we have light duty tomorrow morning after 9.