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Autumn in the city

back in the old days, like say five years ago, i’d be spending my September Saturday rolling the firewood out of the back 50 using the wheelbarrow. what a work out that was and some mighty fine looking arms, shoulders, back, the whole kit and ka boodle, tuned up nicely, from that gig! and a wonderful way to spend an autumn day too, walking in and out of there in peace, with good old Poochie on point.

somewhere in O Town

we’re a long way from that out here in the wilds of O Town. it’s a mighty fine sunny morning, cool too, but zero chores involving any heavy lifting.

somewhere in O Town

truth is there are a lot of unfinished paintings in here, and all they need is another half hour each to become something. why they’re sitting where they are, going on fifteen weeks now… kind of does scare up some questions.

somewhere in O Town

with this virus crap running all the good folks upside crazy, and shutting down all the fun stuff like festivals and the Saturday night club scene, art show and sales opportunities too, it, for me anyway, takes the wind out of my art making sails. that brand new paint i’m trying to figure out: Golden Acrylics, Series 1, is sitting here, waiting to go. and sad to say, it is gathering dust!

somewhere in O Town

and we’re in the city now, for the long haul. summer is OVER! we had our chance. but i feel pretty good about those 20 plus days in July and August. i maxed those ones! thank goodness for a thousand photos from said adventure!

the road home

oh my goodness yes, and we kept a journal through it all! the day i snapped this one, a loverly walk it was, the 2 miles up to town. what a day!

and the waterfall will be there when i get back. that is one thing we can count on for sure. in a time when you never know anymore what you can count on, especially over here, looking back at times, is a relaxing thing.

the art stash less one

so we have a bunch of them on the walls here. and a bunch of them, like i said, in need of just a short 30 minutes, all over the place, plus the guitars, microphones, GarageBand, short stories to write, etc., man we have got to get busy! this is quite unlike rolling the wood out of the back 50!

i can’t imagine walking through the National Gallery with a face mask on…

i miss walking through the collection over there at the NGC. but there is a collection here and some motivation!

Tehkummah Scenes, acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches.

we can’t do our art bridge paintings over here, that is what the Tehkummah Scenes series is all about: art bridging! but thank goodness we have a few here we can enjoy.

Bear Clan, acrylic on canvas board, 16×20 inches.

we have a call up for one of these, not too big, 18×24 inches, and hopefully i can get this Golden Acrylics figured out! we’ll start on that today: figuring out that Golden, maybe on said 18×24.

3rd Gear

the gear box has 5 of them but out here on a Sunday morning all you need is 3. 40 km/h, and no particular place to go. that is the outback in Tehkummah on a Sunday morning drive: beautiful! Labour Day weekend, sunny and WOW! so glad i made the trip on Friday night.

sunrise on Saturday morning: on the range and in PEACE! it is a long drive, 8 hours at the very least, but seeing this makes it.

wow! what a way to start a new day! every window out here has a beautiful view but at sunrise those big sliding glass doors, Shell sure had a grand idea!

Tehkummah skies on Saturday, September 5th. wow! what a breath taking scene.

it did rain for about 2 minutes! a sun shower and gosh those rain drops were cold! those August rains are in the past.

the scene on 15th sideroad, north of 2nd concession, one of my favourite roads to drive. saw this and had to pull over!

when i got back to the range, from my little drive around the neighbourhood i did some cloud watching on the new front deck and saw these beauties sailing by, going east from west.

imagine having nothing better to do than watch the clouds go by on a Saturday afternoon, in the last weekend of summer!

that is the kind of day it was on Saturday, a real beauty! and i had the whole thing to myself. mind you, some company would have been nice.

sunset on the range, what a place of PEACE! wow. all of it was everything i imagined! i am so thankful!

the FINISHED deck! she’s ready for entertaining! that beauty is enormous, over 300 square feet out there! wow! never mind any social distancing and face mask crap out here!

that bat house is the first thing to go when i get back here for an extended period of time. i don’t want that thing getting in the way of my billion dollar view. and out there on the front deck at sundown, there is a billion dollar view in every direction. so we have a lot to be thankful for.

but it is Sunday, Labour Day weekend, and we have fun things in the hopper, so let’s quit with the typing and start with the fun!

Late Summer 2020

The Range on Saturday

here we are, September 2, Labour Day and the end of summer looming! last Friday I thought okay… what to do with Saturday and Sunday? but i heard the sirens and noise and insanity of the city every week night and said to myself: we’re going for it. 8 hours down the highway, we’re going.

The deck is nearly finished!

i arrived on the range at 3:30 a.m. what a gigantic change in scenery, sound, smells, the whole kit and ka boodle! the first thing i did was call out for my old buddy Percy who had been listed as missing in action, going on 2 weeks by that point in time. no sign of him, and so he is gone. that was the blues at that hour but when the sun came up i saw my brand new big time steps on my brand new deck! later in the day i saw my old buddy Bob the Cat out there sleeping on the 2nd from top step, over there on the far end. i’m very happy to see that deck out there. took only, what? ten years? in this case, it’s all about the money. or lack thereof! anyway it is here now. and i’m going to enjoy many a fine morning, afternoon and evening out there.

An August evening

it wasn’t the smoking hot 30 plus C out there this past weekend. truth is it was down right breezy and 20, and the sky was filled with drama, the clouds shape shifted their way across our sky throughout the day and what wonderful scenes.

Saturday night on the range

that’s good old Poochie (Poochie has 3 names, depending on who is in the residence!) in the recline on Saturday night. i kind of wondered if she was thinking about Percy and where he got off to. by this point in time the kids had arrived from O Town and they sure were in need of some refreshments and fresh air! there was plenty of both out there at that hour!

Saturday night on the range

the kids arrived and moved in, 4 of them, and i’m not sure which ones were brand new to the range but it was quite a sight. i said to them, after they were settled in, notice the light and noise pollution out here!

A room with a view!

there’s Bob the Cat. we’re both waiting on the moon. and it is that time of the summer when you can leave those big windows open and not have to worry about any critters flying in! (remember that blog entry of mine from September 2017: the fine wine, the dark nights, the alien abduction, the big windows open, something out there to the north east… )

The moon on Saturday night.

and so she arrived as expected, but gosh she was far south! quite unlike say, the Berries Moon, July. and that green grass was cool to the bare feet, quite unlike say, an evening in July.

i watched this scene for a few moments, that is looking south east, and behind me the house was filled with chatter and laughter, beautiful. i turned around to see lights blazing out of every window. the kids were at home and moved in. wonderful! beautiful.

Big Lake, Manitoulin Island, Sunday morning in August

what i like to do is get up before the sunrise and enjoy the show and out there on the range there is a show every morning! but i also like to take a morning drive through the back country and see the lovely outback scenes. usually i make these drives alone as the folks on the range, most of them like to sleep in, which was never my thing. and so i hit the road shortly after sunrise and came across this little hideout next to Big Lake, between the small towns of Sandfield and Mindemoya. you see that little lane that goes up there to the right? (he he… ) teenage dreams and parking schemes…

The government dock, Lake Mindemoya

and so it was a trip down memory lane on Sunday morning. i had to go by Lake Mindemoya which was our fun house, age 7 to 18. that dock was our meeting place when we were still in elementary school. we’d take our bikes and ride down there, the whole gang, doubling too, and spend the entire summer vacation at the end of that dock. it was a safe place to be!

Providence Bay, and Lake Huron

also on the drive, a trip out to Providence Bay. that was a magical scene out there and i finally smartened up about shooting some movies with the cell phone. i haven’t posted them to my youtube channel (twinravens2000) but i will very soon: the waves were rolling in every several seconds and they weren’t big wild waves, but gentle, peaceful. no one was out there at that hour and so i had the place to myself. those are my tracks along the sand. not sure who the other tracks belong to… (maybe HER!)

Providence Bay in August, at sunrise

yes folks you could easily lose yourself here, time wise and other things. if you’re new to the place, especially at this age, i wonder what it would be like. as for me, i grew up here and so this beach for me, is filled with wonderful memories that go all the way back to 1972.

Sunday afternoon in August

all weekend it seemed the sky over the range was filled with drama. the clouds swirling past and the wind over the willow tree, movement in every direction. soundtrack: crickets! also in every direction. what music they make!

The Range on Sunday afternoon, late August

by this point in time the clock was ticking! i had to get in the car and make that 8 to 12 hour drive back to the city and i sure didn’t like thinking about that! at this point in time the kids were out somewhere and the lady of the house, she too was who knows where, so it was just me and the many ghosts that haunt me. american cigarette in hand.

before i split the island i stopped by Providence Bay for one last look and wowza it was a sight to behold! the sun was shining off the big waters and behind me i saw this! what a sky! it being late in the summer i pretty much had the beach to myself at sunset. nice work!

the folks at Huron Island Time, one of the last of the galleries still standing, that displays my artwork, is there on the Providence Bay beach but do you think i could muster up and walk over there? nope! i LOVE how they called my novel: “gripping”. the folks at U of T called it: “hair raising”. i love that stuff! version 2 of the novel will soon be ready!

acrylic on canvas board, 7×9″, from autumn 2018.

and so i hit the road and made the night drive, through the wild fog between Nord Baie and Pembroke, all the way back to O Town, arrived at 8 a.m., switched into office wear and made it to the desk for 9 a.m. of course that is a lot of time to think things over, making that drive. one of things on my mind was Percy. i hope he had a good death. quick and painless. i found this painting in the photo files, it was created way back in the autumn of 2018, back when we were living on Blake Street.

somewhere in O Town

and so we’re back in with them, the wild scenes. the wild sounds. the weird smells. the fumes. the destruction of spirit and sanity. the rise of spookysville. the unknown. and a stranger in a strange land, for how long?

the good thing IS!!! Labour Day weekend will soon be here! over there on the island, for us, Labour Day weekend was truly the very END of summer. Monday night, at sunset… you can kiss good bye whatever dreams you had for the summer because once that sun sets, summer goes with it. now if you’re lucky you’ll be visited by Indian Summer, which, like i mentioned in that blog post from September 2017, the fine wines and the alien abduction, Indian Summer is one of the most magical times of the year, but who knows where we’ll be when that one comes around.

Many moons ago, Monday night, Labour Day weekend, Providence Bay

if all goes well i’ll be at this spot on Monday night next week! you see i’m going for it. i’m not staying here in the city. come 7 p.m. i’ll be pointing that blue war horse in the direction of WEST! blazing down highway 17 and turning left only at highway 6, going south. that is the plan! but we know about a man with plans… anyway. we’ll see what we can do.

my sweet Jasmine Moon, that’s her, i think it was the night before grade 6 was about to cue up. we had the entire beach to ourselves. the summer crowds had gone home as it really was Labour Day Monday at sundown. we had the good fortune of living a few miles down the road so we could stay and see it.

but this is Wednesday. we have things to do before we get to Friday night at 7.