i made the huge mistake of watching the movie: The Lighthouse, on Xmas day…

we had the big screen in our social isolation and everyone (all 4 of us) kicked out a few movie titles. my first two were boo’d down. title one: U Turn. title two: Falling Down. (truth is they ARE older movies… ) title 3 was also boo’d down! Dead Ringers. but then i remembered a movie i was booked to see back in the good old days, when you could go into a theatre and see it on the big screen with the big sound. rest in peace those days! the movie of course, The Lighthouse. everyone agreed. i had no idea it was extreme horror…

you see: when i was a kid i sailed the Chi Cheemaun every day for 8 weeks in the summertime, four summers worth. we’d sail the great lake Huron and the mighty Georgian Bay, the blues of which are hard to imagine, ye have to seen them. when we sailed past the Cove Island Lighthouse, argh maties, i’d stop and stare, wondering: what would it be like to be posted there back in the old days?

i also spent many a recent summer afternoon up there on the far west end of the great Manitoulin Island, up there past Meldrum Bay, up where the lighthouse is on the so called Mississagi Strait. one gin soaked afternoon we decided to take the tour and went into the lighthouse and dwelling place of the keeper… talk about death warmed over and cloned! i stood at one of those bedroom windows and looked out, imagined being there in 1931 in late autumn, the winds a howling…

have mercy. so the movie: The Lighthouse, i kind of took personally. (i know, the wrong thing to do.)

and yes. Xmas Day. the Lighthouse. me, the viewer, swimming at the bottom of a cabernet sav. whew! bad move!

we got past it! and started working our way into and through NYE. i was happy about that but not happy to know i’d never be seeing my older brothers again and my younger brothers, i have no idea where they are or what happened to them or became of them. and so i drove back to O Town alone.

Man Sits Alone on O Town Park Bench, the night before NYE

i saw this scene and knew, or guessed, i wasn’t the only one out there on their own… (i was still rattling about The Lighthouse… )

Moon Boy, 36×48 inches, acrylic on canvas, Private Collection (with a story or two too!)

after i’d settled into 2021 i started thinking about this madness going on, covid and all, the state of emergency, once again being told not to go anywhere, not to mingle. not to do anything! but instead to keep our heads down and lay low!

that’s UE, survivor of an EAGLE attack!
and that’s Mooch, survivor of a flood!

i can report that these two cats ARE going bonkers, cabin fever style, and they are tearing up the joint. truth is though, this is the first time i’ve seen them sitting there like that, side by side, on the same chair! usually when they’re that close they’re ripping each other to pieces!

of course when i see that i wonder about my old buddy Percy, now listed as KIA. i let him out back on August 16th, never imagined it was the last time i was going to see him. but then i think too, way back, to my old buddy Spooky from Hornpayne, c. 1997. now that lad was a black cat who was a soldier! then just a little while ago, a few weeks back, i saw my friend Sadaf had posted a very cool photo of her and her old buddy Merlin.

Sadaf and Merlin

now i don’t know Merlin, never shook hands with him, but gosh he sure has the eyes that the old Spookster had, and Percy too.

(we’re going to do that book: Spooky and our Trip to the Moon, but we’re going to do it colouring book style! that is going to happen this year!)

twinravens artwork at The Bay of Spirits

nice to see the folks there across from the AGO have this one on display. that is a 24×36 inch on gallery canvas, acrylic paint, and possibly one of 4 paintings on hand, at the Bay of Spirits. i will say that 2020 was a terrible year for painting production in my camp.

phone case

but there are other things to look into with paintings that have already been out and about. here is a phone case! i thought that one looked pretty slick!

okay so here we go! off to a new adventure: 2021. things are starting out not so hotski but we have to hang in there, keep our heads down, fingers crossed, and keep moving forward. and we have to know that when the summer time comes we can get back to the range, back to our paradise on this sweet earth!

my home sweet home back on Manitoulin Island

you see what i mean?