holy smokes! try getting into this joint in a hurry… no chance. the obstacle course i had to muggle through to get this far… sheesh! it sure takes the fun out of going out on this type of road. anyway, we’re here now, in the KLM special lounge where you have to pay a little extra but man it is worth it. especially after the loony toons going on out there in the general issue service area.

the view on Friday, 3 p.m.

that isn’t our bird out there, me thinks they’re going to wheel in a jumbo at some point as we are going overseas tonight at 5. and what goes on over there, well the boss wants us to keep it quiet about who, what, where, when, and whysville so i can’t give you any details. not that i know anything anyway, about what is going on. all i know is i got this far and its nice to have a special place set aside where you can switch it to glide.

looks like a nice night for flying! clear blue skies and let’s hope and pray those pilots are sober when the get behind the controls.

ah but these are fun adventures. when i was out there waiting for Joe, at the Departures drop off, i saw this indian walking past and he said hey man! turns out it was one of the boys from Wiki! so it seems like the gang is getting back together!

there is a small hawk right outside the window: hanging on the wind…

did i tell you about that dream i had about the cougar?