i was hoping to document all of the wonderful scenes along the way, as they happened, but here we are more than a week into freedom and already, 25 days on the road!

since May 5th it all starts right here: Stirling Train Station. our hotel is just to the left of the frame and that walk way is how we get to town, about a 15 minute walk.

the Crow Tavern! ha! not sure where this is but i’m riding the rails on my way to the town of Ayr, saw that and thought hey! i should stop in there for an afternoon splash.

swanky crib in the town of Ayr. i’m on my way from the train station to the beach! sunny and beautiful but gosh darn cool out there! i’m wearing two hoodies and a toque!

there she is: the beach at the town of Ayr, and out there, the Firth of Clyde. just 20 bucks local to ride that train from the town of Stirling to Ayr, round trip, and taking about an hour one way with a stop in Glasgow to switch trains.

it was Pitlochry on Thursday, town of Ayr on Friday. great way to spend an afternoon!

town of Lenzie on Monday. saw this out the window on the way back from Ayr and thought yes, i have to get a closer look. just 14 bucks local cash for the there and back from Stirling. not a pub anywhere to be found!

Garngaber Ave, town of Lenzie, looking west. wowza! there are some mighty fine and OLD properties along this stretch of road. check out my youtube channel for a little movie of this place. super swanky cribs on either side of the road and lush!

Scottish country side blazing past the windows, i’m on my way back to Stirling.

oh my goodness lad stay just one hour when you visit the pub and chat up the locals! holy smokes… the No. 2 Baker Street pub is in Stirling, on the way from the train station to the hotel and i thought i would pull over and have an afternoon splash but once those old timers get onto you, they want to hear about it. and they want to hear that wild accent of mine! (me with an accent, ha!) and they like to buy you a drink. oh boy…

the dreamy and big skies of Scotland as seen from the Beefeater diner and bar, in Stirling. the way it is these days is you can go in for a meal but you can’t have a drink with it. if you want a splash you have to sit outside on the patio which at times, can be mighty cool! on this evening though it wasn’t bad. things are supposed to turn around on Monday, we can go into the pub for a splash instead of doing that patio thing.

back in Glasgow on Thursday, George Square. the covid cops are everywhere in this town! rode in for just 8 bucks local cash, return. thought i would enjoy some lunch but you need the mod technology for the trace to gain entry to the diners and pubs and… this old boy doesn’t have the know how with the mod tech so no lunch in Glasgow for this boy!

that kooky scene outside the Gallery of Modern Art, on Queen Street. the Duke of Wellington just can’t seem to get rid of that hat! it was on there in June 2018 and here we are again, May 2021, the dude is still sporting it!

went in for a snoop and saw a 1969 Andy Warhol soup can print! awesome!

the mega crib just outside the Waverley train station, town of Edinburgh, Friday afternoon. i just had to go back and see the Royal Mile and the castle up on the hill. the Royal Mile was a ghost town on Friday at 2 p.m. myself and a few other tourists and that’s it! they’re way more relaxed in Edinburgh compared to Glasgow when it comes to the covid cops, and for the tourist, that’s a good thing! we’re here to enjoy.

i have some fun videos of these trips and i’ll post them to my youtube channel as soon as we have better internet! took about 3 hours to upload that Pitlochry video…

more travel scenes to come! it is Saturday, day is just starting, so we’ll see what fun there is to be had.