it’s on the east coast and the mighty North Sea is right there. i visited the town on Monday, May 17th but i just had to go back for another look yesterday, Saturday, May 22nd.

last Monday was glorious but on Saturday the wind was up and these enormous waves were crashing in! now i’m from Manitoulin Island and we have the great Lake Huron rolling up on our shores but it’s nothing like the North Sea!

these pictures don’t capture the size of the scene or the sound that goes with it. those 2 waves rolling in must be 10 feet high!

Joe was there and wanted me to snap a photo of him with the wilds going on behind him and one of those big ones came rolling in, hit the rocks and the water flew up in the air about 50 feet! the water came crashing down on Joe and nearly swept him out to sea! (i shot a video of it and i hope he shares it!)

of course i got a laugh out of that but it was about an hour later when i got a little too close to the edge and BOOM! soaked!

ah yes, the town of Dunbar and the North Sea, awesome place to spend a Saturday afternoon! back home on Manitoulin Island it was around 33 C on this day, over here in Dunbar it was maybe 13 C!

i’m not sure how high that sea wall is, 50 feet? but you can see the water that slammed up against it is splashing up over the wall. wowza! what a show. and well worth the trip back to Dunbar. after Joe got himself soaked he started out for town for a look around. i’d already done the look around on Monday so i stayed out there on the rocks with the wind and the waves! i don’t get to see a show like that out where the lighthouse used to be at Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island!

i did shoot a half hour’s worth of videos but the internet here is slow! i’ll wait until i get back home to load the video and hopefully you’ll see just how wild and crazy this awesome show really was!

i wonder what it must be like out there when it’s really storming!