after the 13 days in quarantine i hit the road for a few days but for the most part i’ve been out here on the range and mostly alone. but out here you’re never truly alone. here are the summer skies of late June.

mid afternoon in late June: i had grand ideas about a new batch of paintings but what ended up happening was a lot of river time and sky watching, cloud watching, water watching.

a summer evening on the range in late June: there have been no road shows or art outings through this summer and the local farmer’s markets that i enjoyed have mostly been closed down. with no pre show preparations and packing it left the evenings open for star gazing and walking in the moon shadows.

an evening in late June: of course i was supposed to be working on the last of the edits and rewrites for SUN INFINITY MOON. i wanted the reprint ready to go for July 1st but… no dice.

sunrise in early July: one morning i was out there enjoying the scenes and remembering the wild morning scenes of April through to early June! what changes in a few short days.

sunset in early July: a glass or two of the good stuff from Spain and a little tobacco, a decent chair and all is well when you’re out there on your own.

one morning in early July: the pooch had the right idea! the river is running unusually high this year which means you have to watch your step! i mean us humans, the pooch didn’t seem to have any troubles with it.

sunrise in mid July: one night, around 2 a.m. i heard voices! i got up and looked out all windows, north, east, south and west, and didn’t see anyone out there. nothing but fireflies dancing. i’ll admit i was a bit spooked!

good morning over the river on the range! i made sure i took a good long look at this every morning. same with the sunrise, we’ve seen what? 80 so far, since the beginning of June?

another sunrise on the range in mid July: perfect! exactly what i asked for way back on April 21st!

big peace on the green and blue up here but down south someone is getting walloped! that is a thunder storm out there! it was a wonderful sound, hearing that big booming in the distance.

one afternoon in mid August we all checked our phones for the local weather forecast and saw storm warnings for the Manitoulin Island! the plan was to lie around in the sun at the river but with a free show planned, like a thunder storm, well that we all had to see. here it is rolling up on us from the south west in the early afternoon.

i ran off down to the river to watch the show and it really was spectacular! the booming in the distance rolling up on us was quite spooky as the loudness of it, well. we hadn’t heard anything like that in ages.

it was quite a show! we’ve seen a few roll over us through the years but nothing like this. normally we wait until 5 p.m. but for this we rolled out the bar cart at 1 p.m.

i’ve never seen anything like this! (truth is i was worried a tornado was rolling up on us as we saw the clouds swirling in circles!)

what a show! and there were 2 of them! the afternoon matinee and the 7 p.m. main! this is the 7 p.m. show.

never seen anything like it! the 7 p.m. show!

it was August 11th. 2 storms! lots of thunder! big winds. a small amount of rain. our visitors loved it!

we were watching the show to the west and i went around for a quick peek at the south and saw this!

one of our visitors is a famous Canadian photographer. it was fun watching him go to work photographing the sky.

with all of the wild skies, the wild winds, you might think there’d be a chill in the air but gosh it was down right hot out there.

and just like that it was over. double rainbow to finish it off.

and so that was the show on August 11th! wow! a beautiful summer storm, a great sound and light show.

a short time later we were hit with a heat warning! on this august morning, the 19th, it was already up around 25 C at just after sunrise!

another sunrise in August, possibly just the other day. we’ve seen pretty much all of them since June 11th. and tonight we have the full moon! i thank my lucky stars that i’ve had the opportunity to be out here through the summer, to have visitors with us, and of course to see the many glorious things mother nature has for us.

through all of this: not one painting has rolled out of the twinravens art school! i guess that will happen when the last of our summer visitors have gone home and Labour Day Monday has come and gone.

more to come!