looking to the north west, as seen from the end of our driveway, the Tuesday after Labour Day. brutal day folks if you’re an “empty nester”, like me. i’ve been down this road a time or two but this time i think it might be the real deal. the empty nest…

and so yes. i’m on my own on the range! my daddy days are over. i walked the lawns in my flashy bare feet and wondered just what in the heck is this whole trip about anyway? it was a beautiful morning, it got very hot in the afternoon!

beautiful couple of weeks into September: one day i saw a large object moving across this field. i got the binoculars and discovered it was a wolf! it was huge! times 2 bigger than our old buddy Poochie. that wolf wasn’t afraid of anything as it meandered across this open range. BIG!

of course i’ve done a lot of this: blazing down the late night highway, FM radio blasting, alone and barefoot behind the wheel. Fleetwood Mac: Hypnotized, coming through the speakers. when you work for twinravens.com you have to be mobile and available 24 hours a day, 8 days a week! and we are up to that challenge. i think this was highway 407 west bound on Wednesday night.

Saturday afternoon: September 18th, 4 p.m. it can’t be all work and no play! we’re in the mega grips of Indian Summer and it won’t be back till sometime next year, so you can bet we’re going to stop what we’re doing in the early afternoon and get out there and on the river and enjoy it while we have it!

no paintings happening between 1 and 5 p.m.

now here comes the moon! so i’ll have to chat with you later!