October-Binakwe Geezis, or Falling Leaves Moon, on the range and super ALONE! the empty nest is where we are and it looks like it’s the way its going to be. this old boy is just going to have to go along with it. it’s just me and this big old willow tree in the front yard these days. or so it seems.

the Falling Leaves Moon! on Saturday night, October 16th. beauty climes for it. on the nights of October 18th and 19th, the two last warm nights of the year maybe, i went for a moon lit drive and oh my goodness that was time well spent. on the 19th it was a glorious 18 C at 830 p.m. i was on the west shores of Big Lake, Manitoulin Island, with the moon rising: no wind. no light or noise pollution. just me, the moon light and the birch trees: wow what a scene! and like i said, maybe the last warm night of the year. i had a friend who was suppose to come along but she nixed and what scenes she missed. i hope she was happy wherever she was on that evening. looking back on it i should have stayed out later into the night.

South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island. it’s a short drive from my place to here and what a place for a lunch break!

the late John Fox, at the Whitefish River Traditional Pow wow, Dreamer’s Rock, Birch Island, Ontario, 1987. one day during the lunch break i got to snooping a shelf full of photo albums and found my stash of pow wow photographs from 87/88. they’re showing signs of wear and tear! it’s time to digitize the whole collection before they fade away.

Fancy Shawl Dancers, Wikwemikong Indian Days, Manitoulin Island, 1988. that is a contest round of dancing! photographed with a Nikon F2 and a 105 mm lens set at 5.6

Traditional Dancer, Sagamok Traditional Pow wow, 1988. i think that’s Bon, from Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve. (check out that gal in the back ground wearing the bright red dress with the black yoke… )

so yes. i have a few hundred photographs of pow wow dancers from those years, all shot with my trusty old Nikon F2 and 105 mm lens. likely on Kodak 100 ASA. time to digitize the whole collection. ah but the sweet and fun things you find yourself doing during lunch break on the range in autumn.

the east field at sunset: this is the view from the dining room table and let me tell you there is always a show out there. one day a huge wolf made its way across going south to north. another day 3 bald head eagles were playing or who knows what, over this very field and they put on an amazing show! and what music they make when playing!

the east field as seen from the dining room! like i said, there is always a show out there. in days long gone there would have been a father and his daughter out there but those days have passed.

sunset on the range: no salmon swimming up the river this year. and no pooch on the range either, keeping watch, which means there are all kinds of critters running around out there at night and coming up close to the house! hearing those night sounds in the pitch black while you’re on your own can be a tad spooky at times!

this just in: 2 of my recent paintings, both 24×36 inches on gallery canvas, now in the permanent collection at the Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto. many thanks to folks at Bay of Spirits Art Gallery, Dundas, Toronto.