truth is we’re all over the map these days but tonight, November 12th, i’m on the range in the absolute pitch black of night! no light pollution out here. no noise pollution either. out every window there is blackness! and silence! wowza! a complete 180 from where we started our week!

the range on November 2nd, evening. i was out here, happy, painting, swimming in a Faust Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 (why wait till later?) listening to some Ella Fitzgerald, some Helen Merrill backed by Cliff Brown and his gang, some Tony Bennett, and just going along to get along with the many ghosts that haunt me.

the next day the phone rang around noon and it was pack your gear time, we’re going to Toronto with a bunch of paintings! which we did, leaving here around 7 p.m. and arriving down there around… well who knows when but we arrived safely, some time during the night.

lunch on November 5th! those steaks were 2 inches thick! (i LOVE how when i shared the photo with a friend she said HEY! those wine glasses look pretty full! i replied we had the day off and we were taking it! and: when i crack a vin, there’s no need for that cork anymore… (ha!))

the next thing we know, Saturday, November 6th, we’re off to Ottawa to pick up our old buddy, the Great Jasmine Moon! turns out we had a trip to NYC in works! and leaving Sunday, November 7th!

we took off from Markham on Sunday morning and arrived in good order late Sunday night: we love going to New York City. that’s the great Jasmine Moon and Michelle going over the travel plan for the day, in Grand Central Station, NYC, November 8th. these girls are fun to travel with! that Jasmine Moon is sharp! she doesn’t miss anything. and we all love fun dining.

it wasn’t long after that we were back in the limo and going north! back to O Town to drop our old buddy Jazzy Moon off at 3/60 and then west to Toronto via highway 7. gosh that last hour behind the wheel was tough going…

November 11th sunrise as seen from the swanky 9th. goodness the scenes going on outside our windows seem to change every hour this past week!

on the range on Friday morning, November 12. wow. what a scene. and like i said, a complete 180 from Monday morning, down there on 36th and 5th ave, NYC.

Providence Bay on November 12, 2021, around about 1030 a.m. WOW! what a scene. i wasn’t in any hurry on my way back from the grocery store in Mindemoya so i took the scenic route and am i glad i did! i saw this, had to pull over and spend time with the view. that is the great Lake Huron out there. while i was standing there i thought about all the folks in NYC who never see the moon rise, never see the moon set, never see the sunrise or set. never see the milky way. never know the songs of the whippoorwill after midnight or a loon flying north to south at 2 a.m.

oh my goodness… what a scene. Providence Bay, looking south, to the great Lake Huron, on November 12, 2021. and the music that goes with! the wind and the waves.

if i were a smart man i would have stopped the agenda and walked out to the mouth of the bay where the big rocks are, where the old lighthouse foundation is, and spent the rest of the morning there…

but i never was too smart.

anyway. i got home here to the range, opened up the news and saw some interesting stories, on going “grey owl” type stuff, comments too, and thought hey: these are the images i need for the song: No Smoking. and so here is the video!


have fun! and make fun ART!