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Last Day of the Year!

Somewhere in Scotland, sometime in May 2021

and so here it is, last day of the year and thank the almighty we made it! so far so good. was up at 5 this morning writing out the “to do list” for 2022! we have some new ideas on there but we also have the “never fails” on there as well.

Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island, sometime during the August heat wave, 2021

a biggie on my list is getting back home to the island: June through to Indian Summer! and when i get there with a brand new game plan, we’ll see about those favourite places.

Providence Bay, sometime in August 2021

i look forward to a brand new year and what i saw online the other day, 365 more chances!

artwork at Providence Bay in smoking hot August 2021, artist unknown: nice work! as for this artist: i have a sketch book filled with new ideas and i look forward to the opportunity to bring them to life on the canvas! 24×36 inches and larger please!

walk with care in the homeland!

walk with care while visiting other countries!

3 of the things i’m going to focus on in 2022 is body, body and body! mind and spirit are on the list but i got to thinking about that sweetgrass teaching from many moons ago, over there at the N’Swakamok Native Friendship Centre! as you know, i heard it when i was a wild running in his own country, age 23, and i remember thinking: HA! Yeah right. It will never happen to me. well here we are on the door step to a new year and we be thinking about it now lad! thinking indeed!

5×7 inches, acrylic on canvas board, artist collection

and in good health and peace, we shall, if all goes well, keep going!

Somewhere in Scotland, sometime in May 2018

we have to get dressed up and go out! to see an art show, to see the full moon, to see the sunrise, to see whatever there is to see!

happy NYE and let’s hope and pray it goes alright!


Christmas Eve, 6 a.m.

some folks in our family either have too much money or have just completely lost their marbles…

here we are at another xmas eve, another year nearly in the books, and i wake up at 5 a.m., walk out and see this…

oh boy…

(merry xmas eve everyone!)


instead of me trying to describe it, here it is, at the MET, December 2019:

and here she is!

wowza! like a lot of art in the history books, i’ve only seen it IN the history books. (remember my story about The Water Spirit, 1973, Norval Morrisseau, and what happened to me over at the McMichael Collection?!)

when we were at the MET, December 2019, just before the pandemic slammed into us, i spent a couple of “mask free” afternoons boo’n through the collection and had myself a few meltdowns on day one, seeing, like i said, stuff i’d only ever seen in the art history books and BOOM! there’s the actual, right in front of me!

on day 2 i came across this! (meltdown big time… )

i walked around this about 50 times! you see in the art history books they don’t give it much page space.

i mean: just WOW!

and from so long ago. i’d love to see a movie/video of the artist talking about this creation. i guess for that one i’ll need to use my imagination.

and one day, when this pandemic is behind us, we’ll have to go back to the MET, and spend more than just an hour with this one. between now and then i hope to have read the complete story.

of course one of the main reasons we were down there in December 2019 was to see the opening of Kent Monkman’s double 11×22 foot masterpieces hanging in the grand hall. here is one of them.

and so we walk into another winter, glad to see it too! i’m thinking about what a wise Anishnabe Kwe told me back in October: thunder in the fall, no winter at all.

i’m good with winter. so you have to wear snow boots for the next 90 days, no problem. and at night you may need a little extra of that full bodied and firm vin, some good company and maybe a book or two!

mine, the hard copy test re do, came in! i picked it up at the printer on Monday! the new cover looks interesting and, well. i haven’t had a chance to give it a read but if it’s the same thing i saw on my computer screen, it should be typo free. if it is good to go, we’re going to cut that one loose and see what it can do.

here is the first chapter of SUN: May 11, 1996:

season’s greetings! and we’ll see you next year!

Sun Infinity Moon Version 2

Shipped this morning and let’s hope and pray the thing comes back with no typos! Version 1 had a few and this boy was none too happy! We left the filthy grammatical errors in, ha! Me no speak english too good no how! (Say that using your best Tonto voice!) Glad to see it go as we have other writing projects in the hopper, stuff that runs alongside NBE3U.

for that back cover photo i should have plugged in a recent, like this one from yesterday, taken over by Unionville Gate and Kennedy, Markham, Ontario, Canada. even though SUN INFINITY MOON is a horror story, we don’t need to scare folks off with a scary photo of the author!

and speaking of scary, what pictures new and young artists are coming up with these days… check this out, something i saw on Instagram the other day:

wowza! that is quite a visual! zoom in!

i’m always on the look out for new art and ideas and where they come from so we’ll have to spend some time with this one.

saw this one too, the other day, also very scary as it reminded me of a few folks i have known.

and so let’s hope it goes well over at the printer and hopefully we’ll see something that looks good and is grisly good in the reading dept. i’m already pacing the floor waiting for its arrival.


it’s a new word around the camp fire and i’m researching with much interest! of course there are the usual suspects at the top of the list: Joseph Boyden, Michelle Latimer, and recently, Carrie Bourassa, all 3 of them falling pretty close to the roots of the Grey Owl tree.

truth be told i was surprised to see this man’s name make the list! Dr. Thom Alcoze was a top dog at the U of S when i befuddled my way through their Native Studies Program as a spritely 22 year old, many moons ago! is it true? is Dr. Thom Alcoze a fake Indian?

here is where i saw the news:

not a lot of followers! May 2021 isn’t that long ago. btw: that is famed pretendian Michelle Latimer in the profile photo. she was the Christmas story of 2020. Joe was the Christmas story of 2016. i like how she’s wearing that big old Indian fringe jacket! if she had those sleeves rolled up you’d see those big old Indian tattoos too! just like Joe!

here is the other fake indians bit i’m following. Geoff and Jorge are writing up some pretty decent stories on the subject and i thank them both for their reporting. quite a few more followers on this site! and a few names too, that i’ve seen around the Ottawa area over the past five years. like this one:

i haven’t visited her gallery in quite a few years but the last time i was in there, it appeared she’d hit the pay dirt! the fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, she does nice work! fake indian or whatever.

as for this real indian, we’ll just have to keep our rooms warm through winter and carry on with the research, keeping our fringes crossed that we don’t make the Pretendians List! (ha ha!)