Shipped this morning and let’s hope and pray the thing comes back with no typos! Version 1 had a few and this boy was none too happy! We left the filthy grammatical errors in, ha! Me no speak english too good no how! (Say that using your best Tonto voice!) Glad to see it go as we have other writing projects in the hopper, stuff that runs alongside NBE3U.

for that back cover photo i should have plugged in a recent, like this one from yesterday, taken over by Unionville Gate and Kennedy, Markham, Ontario, Canada. even though SUN INFINITY MOON is a horror story, we don’t need to scare folks off with a scary photo of the author!

and speaking of scary, what pictures new and young artists are coming up with these days… check this out, something i saw on Instagram the other day:

wowza! that is quite a visual! zoom in!

i’m always on the look out for new art and ideas and where they come from so we’ll have to spend some time with this one.

saw this one too, the other day, also very scary as it reminded me of a few folks i have known.

and so let’s hope it goes well over at the printer and hopefully we’ll see something that looks good and is grisly good in the reading dept. i’m already pacing the floor waiting for its arrival.