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Moving Forward: Art life

i like that one. i’m new to instagram and i’m glad to be on it as every now and then something fun comes along.

this one goes out all you folks in serious winter, folks who might be or feel alone! a day or two ago an art friend asked me: what are you going to do come spring time? i told them: you know where i’ll be when the spring peepers arrive!

Condo Horror… i cranked the blue tones up in this one. here at this address i ask: where is everyone? how come i never see anyone in the hallway? what is up with the dusty old cars in the garage downstairs, cars that look like they’ve not been driven in 20 years. and that very grey and dark parking garage with the big echo… and the elevators with the mirrors on either side giving the interior that infinity effect…

elevator with mirror infinity effect

i have no idea how to write that kind of horror but let me tell you, up here, on any given day, the ghosts, the empty hallways, the weird 1940’s era music playing down the hall…

the gals many moons ago walking at the address of a future writing project

starting next week i’m going to research the art of writing lame horror. there could be a story lurking in the very dark corners of this swanky address.

and there they are with a glass of German pilsner! yes we did make a few minor changes, a word or two that, on second thought, should be left out. stuff like that. small stuff. hopefully the typo errors are gone! horror grammar remains! and of course the horror story remains! this thing is filthy! wonderfully and beautifully filthy. but finished and it is indeed time to move forward.

we posted this book cover mock up last month but here it is again to refresh! next project on the writing agenda! Condo Horror will have to wait.

twinravens range, 7×9 inches, acrylic on canvas board, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook. Artist collection. i was up there last week and gosh: that is a 180 from the mad mad scenes going on all over the shop these days, down here in the south and over there in the nation’s capital. the range is indeed: a place of peace!

Mark Rothko, c. 1969 (?) i cranked up the colours in this one. when i get back to the range and those warm winds are riding across the green fields… over the trees down by the river and hopefully there is peace, i’ll… hmmm. as i write that i wonder. i’ll hopefully be “like some bold seer in a trance… ” and working on something i had the time for last July but never got to as we were a bit strung out from 40 days on the road.

rock and roll all night and party every other day! i’ve seen this one around and, in hearing a few things around the room this morning, my inner and raspy voice says in pirate mode: let this be a lesson, lad. (the things around the room: the spooky goings on of the brain, the frontal lobe, the occipital lobe, the thalamus, the cerebellum among other tasty and deep fried grey matter… )

Niagara on the Lake, on Queen Street: went in for a look! not my kind of painting/artwork but the hack jewelry store attached: definitely my kind of fun and priced right for this boy. i’m a firm believer in that one day this pandemic is going to end, and on that day the nightclub is going to reopen, and my gang of artsy friends and i are going to get together again! artsy friends at the nightclub calls for “art wear” and the attached jewelry store at this address had just what we are looking for.

they had these very cool looking rings and you know how its going these day, we could use a bit of a “soother”, a little something to ease the anxiety and worries. in my mind all i was seeing was the flash and we need that too, when we hit up the club in art wear!

so i bought one of the rings and two of the bracelets knowing that yes, one day this pandemic will end and when the club reopens, the flash will be dusted off! when i walk through that nightclub door on a hot summer night and she sees me for the first time in two club years i know she’ll say: OMG. darling marry me!

(foolishly at press time i do not have a photo of said ring or bracelets.)

on Queen Street, Niagara on the Lake: i want to come back to this address and see a show! sweet summer time, pandemic behind us, and maybe in art mode!

word around the campfire is maybe there will be a new version of coming soon, i’m not sure what that means for this blog but i hope it stays on the air! it is here today though, and that’s good.

Next Writing Project

in the hopper as of 2022, a new writing project to keep me busy up here on the swanky 9th at 4 a.m., a thing that was actually requested! imagine that.

here is the cover layout in super basic. we’ll have the space age whizz kids who know how to work these fancy schmanzy computer things make the cover look much more menacing. yeah. that title needs to be way bigger and my name needs to be way smaller. but that’s it in basic. let me know what you think!

we’re on the clock with this one! we want this one in our hands by May long weekend, 2022. we’ve got 56 mornings up here in the ultra cosy confines of the swanky, overlooking highway 7, before we report back to the range in Tehkummah for further jungle training, so we have to get it DONE!

speaking of the range, how about this beauty:

twinravens Range, Red Wing Black Bird, acrylic on canvas board, 9×12 inches, by anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook. Private collection.