in the hopper as of 2022, a new writing project to keep me busy up here on the swanky 9th at 4 a.m., a thing that was actually requested! imagine that.

here is the cover layout in super basic. we’ll have the space age whizz kids who know how to work these fancy schmanzy computer things make the cover look much more menacing. yeah. that title needs to be way bigger and my name needs to be way smaller. but that’s it in basic. let me know what you think!

we’re on the clock with this one! we want this one in our hands by May long weekend, 2022. we’ve got 56 mornings up here in the ultra cosy confines of the swanky, overlooking highway 7, before we report back to the range in Tehkummah for further jungle training, so we have to get it DONE!

speaking of the range, how about this beauty:

twinravens Range, Red Wing Black Bird, acrylic on canvas board, 9×12 inches, by anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook. Private collection.