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The Scream, Native Style…

I got to looking at this again and started imagining up a little fun spoof series of paintings…

I’m going back to the range in early May, this time to stay, and I’m bringing a stack of blank canvas of all sizes: this boy is bottled up! We need the light and space of the almighty to stretch those art making arms and legs! The swanky 9th is indeed swanky, but we need to throw some paint around and that can’t be done in here!

Home sweet home: behind the house is the art bridge. The art bridge is where the abstract expressionism happens. And we be brewing and stewing big time about paint flying through the air!

An afternoon in the summer: that’s the view! And I’m going to be parked at that very table with either the canvas and paints or the keypad, Fighting In Hell in progress.

And at night: hopefully a lot more of this.

The Scream, Native Style… what fun can we have with that when we get back home? We shall soon see! Wish me luck!

April 10, 2022

wowza where does the time go? one thing is for sure: it does go!

I managed to get home at some point during the winter! A few mornings on the range with the sun blazing in that big eastern window had me dreaming up scenes of glory once the spring peepers arrive. We’re still a few weeks away from getting back to stay…

She blazes night and day and I was so happy to see it again! I don’t know if this sounds weird to you but I talk to that river. One of the many things I told it was I’ll be back again soon, this time to stay.

The cedar grove next to the river: a place of peace and a paradise anytime of the year. Yes when I get back I’ll be spending a few afternoons in here, in peace and mostly likely in prayer.

One of the reasons I was up there was to pick up some paintings for the gallery in Toronto. If you want to see them up close, visit the Bay of Spirits Gallery, right across from the AGO. That one is a 30×30 inch acrylic on canvas, using Stevenson paint. The late great Stevenson and folks we’re getting mighty close to the bottom of those paint cans… Pretty soon all paintings will be made with Golden Heavy Body.

18×24 inches on canvas board and I can’t believe this one lasted 2 summers at the house gig down at the beach at Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island! I’m betting it won’t last long where it is now.

24×36 inches, acrylic on canvas. Nice work. Slip that into a black floating frame and BING! Anyway those are 3 of the 5 shipped out this past week.

Pages from the Art Journal in progress! The book is The Highwayman by R.A. Salvatore and what a bundle of wacky words in that book! Weirdness. Managed to cobble a few trashy love poems with the every trusty theme: The Summer of 1979. Found poetry that is… Found like a friend who I haven’t seen in 43 years… (oh oh.)

The Scream, Native Style. More pages from the art journal, a work in progress. Of course I love always the work of Edvard Munch! Hopefully one day we’ll be over there to see them up close. I also love the work of Ed Hopper but the drawing I did in his style, in this art journal, just wasn’t up to grade C. So hey these art journals are a fun project! I’ve been working on this one since December 13, 2021, book repurposed, found, saved from the rubbish heap, thanks to the folks at the Goodwill. For more info on my take with the art journal, visit my YouTube channel.

We’re going to start letting go of the many sketches we have. After 40 years of art making the sketch books are everywhere around here and yes, it is time to let them go. This one is on 100 lb paper, acid free, 11×14″, one of what must thousands of sketches.

Sketch, 11×14″ paper, acid free, 100 lb. One of I don’t know how many we have here.

What we’ll do is post the sketches on another page and if you’re interested, DM, we ship everywhere.

Highway 7, Markham, Ontario, Canada, as seen from the swanky 9th. This was snapped the other day, after the first big warm rain of the year. It’s where we are for now. The plan was to come home to stay, on Easter Weekend but of course, that ain’t happening… I’m going to miss that full moon again and gosh darn am I going to miss the spring peepers too?

Oh my goodness… A weekend or two ago we had to visit the Danforth area. Shell went into a custom shop and I walked the streets, having not walked the Danforth since the spring time, 1990. I came upon this place and holy smokers. Tash, do you remember that Sunday afternoon in a long ago April, when you took me here? I was wearing my olive drab army pants, a black Guns n Roses t shirt, a blue jean jacket, a black trench coat over that, my yellow ochre leather gloves, my raccoon skin hat and my black jungle boots. I sure do remember what you were wearing!

Portrait of the Artist as a Middle Aged Man. At the club, the last show we got see before the pandemic closed everything. I know everyone is hoping we’re at the end of this pandemic. Hopefully the night clubs will reopen and WE can get back out and have some fun, seeing some fun shows. Dressing the part as well. I’m tired of spending my days and nights in my pyjamas.

For now though it’s the grubby and shabby, the big windows up here on the swanky 9th, the road home another few weeks down the way, the art making tools at the ready, a phone that isn’t ringing, an art journal, the good work of the cobbler, and me: blazing at the bit. Come on! Let’s start this thing!