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Wiki Pow wow weekend

Civic holiday, or Haweater Weekend, middle of the summer party time, but in this camp it is known as the Wiki Pow wow weekend: we’re going dancing today at noon. First time I took the raven for a spin in Wiki was way back in 1988! Today we’re wearing the same outfit, same feathers, same Indian, only diff is there are a few more years on the rig. Photos to follow!

classic sunrise on the range, early July. how fortunate are we, to be here since May 1st! we’ve seen every sunrise uninterrupted!

the range at sunrise: that crib is a place of peace! since the ladies are on the road, its been turned into an art making super shop! the dining room table is 8 feet long and it can hold a lot of paintings in progress now that we’re not dining with the ladies come sundown.

classic summer afternoon on the range: looking north. wowza! smoking hot!

you can’t see them but out there somewhere are the mares. 8 of them, living off the land. I’ll try and snap a photo of them one of these fine mornings.

found paintings! this one, from May 2016, was hidden deep in the stash and one morning I was rooting through it and ta da! nice work. I’m keeping this one!

another one from the stash: May 2016. we’re keeping this one too! both paintings: 7×9″, acrylic on canvas board, now in “The Artist’s Collection”.

“family man”, 16×20″, acrylic on canvas board, sketch, Ottawa years, likely 2020. I like that one. that one might go nicely up to 24×36 inches on canvas.

okay so the pow wow is a few hours away, we have time to enjoy the open range, beauty sunny morning in progress, another sunrise seen, and the agenda is filled with light duty, we can enjoy the entire day.

Try this again:

at the Ottawa Pow wow back on June 25, in 32 C heat! wowza! that is me and Julie, 2 First Nations friends going back at least 15 years now, crossing paths once again! so nice to see YOU again!

oh my goodness the outfits we have worn in the past!

so WordPress is acting very weird and not letting me post my pictures! I had a bunch of nice ones I wanted to share with you here but you can visit my instagram: twinravens2000, or my YouTube: Mark Seabrook, or my Facebook: Mark Seabrook, or my twitter: MarkSeabrook101, for all the cool photos they won’t let me post here…

hmmm. what is up with WordPress these days? (that is why I haven’t posted lately but we’ll, like I said, try it again. this like what, the 5th time we’ve tried to post?)