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Dancing Days

At the Wikwemikong Pow wow, waiting for the grand entry! Had 2 glorious afternoons there and all was fab including the emcee who was Cheyanne and from Montana. He kept us well entertained! Weird though: entered with the Golden Age Men’s Category… And there weren’t too many of us! 300 plus dancers registered yes but us older boys, maybe 6 of us. And very few from the days of 1988. I did see my old buddy Jose G., we go all the way back to 1982! He was in the grand entry on Sunday and as I was moving up and through I saw him standing there and I said to him: you go first!

Very cool. But also 2 full weeks ago now! This summer is marching!

Summer on the Range. Lucky me! Home again, here in a place of peace and a paradise! The willow tree in the front yard is looking good this year. We were worried about it in years past, we have no idea how old it is. We never want to imagine a front yard without that tree! Yikes. But there is a lot of that going on it seems, around here, in recent weeks and months. Anyway I am here and very thankful and now that the last of the summer visitors are away and back to their home addresses, it’s time to turn this room back into an art studio! So that is today’s light duty.

Light duty as I had to take my youngest daughter back to Ottawa yesterday. We saddled up at around 7 a.m. and made our way across, a full 8 hours anyway, into the slab. I dropped her off, that was the blues, the terrible blues, but I had to run some art errands which took my mind off the sad scene. Had the car turned around and pointing west by 7 p.m. and started making my way back. Rolled into a very frosty range at around 5 a.m. What a night! And what an awesome 24 hours.

Somewhere between Deep River and Mattawa I saw a wolf on the highway! It wasn’t a full grown adult wolf and it certainly wasn’t in any hurry to get across highway 17. I saw it from a distance and managed to slow down, by the time I rolled past her/him we were eye ball to eye ball! Ready shake hands! It had the big fur coat but was small, maybe a yearling? A few miles later I pulled over to see the moon and wow! I could hear those wolves howling in the far away distance. How cool to hear them and be under the full moon like that, alone on the ultra barren highway 17 at 2 a.m. Also very cool.

Drawing Class on August 19, 2022

Confirmed this morning! We’re having a drawing class on August 19th! No art experience necessary, all art supplies provided, your instructor: ME!

We’ve done these art classes with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and the Ottawa Catholic School Board for going on 4 years! Over a thousand presentations and we’ll be ready and good to go on August 19th at 10 a.m.!

This is NOT cultural appropriation, this is cultural appreciation! Your instructor: Anishnabe artist, ME, B.A., B.Ed. Good to go and ready!

This is a FREE workshop! Hope to see you there.