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Victoria Native Friendship Centre

Fly like an Eagle! Or a Thunderbird! Or a mighty Raven! We’re on our way to Victoria B.C., early Sunday morning on September 25, 2022. That is the east side of the mountains: Nice to see you again!

Victoria Native Friendship on Monday morning, Sept. 26. Among other fun things we had the opportunity to present a 2 hour art class with the good folks at this address! Awesome art class participation and, like I always say at the end of these fun drawing workshops: amazing pictures created in just a short 2 hours. Wow!

Beauty day for playing tourist after all was said and done with the art class. I hit the streets and made my way downtown.

“Mod Warrior Impacts the Sacred and Meshes Mod Tech. into His Existence”, mixed media, 2016. A very cool George Littlechild, and it can be yours for a cool $4500 smackeroos! Shop was closed on Monday afternoon so it was all window action for me. (the dude in the painting, is that what’s his name?)

“A Warrior Takes His Last Ride and Heads Towards the Light”, 2020, acrylic on canvas. Another George Littlechild, and you can take this bad boy home for a cool $8000 buckarillios!

The scene in Victoria on a beauty September afternoon! 21 C and fabulous!

The Big House where all the local cockadoodle doin’ goes on.

And back we go, to Ontario, on Tuesday, September 27. Nice day for flying! And you mountains down there: Baamaapii miinwaa kaawaabmin!

Like I said: Art classes anywhere anytime, online or live in person!

Ha! You gotta do what you love! (I also enjoyed the artwork behind this one!)

aanii Autumn!

First sunrise of autumn, 2022, as seen from the range, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada! And gosh it was down right cool out there! The morning before it was very mild, bikini weather at sunrise. Gosh how things can change in a few short 24 hours.

The open range at sunrise, was it Labour Day weekend? If so, it was just me, the crickets, the green and blue, the almighty and the many ghosts that haunt me. We’re looking at the empty nest over there… Kids are all gone.

Sunrise on the front yard over Labour Day weekend: a place of peace! And perfect for the artist who had an order to fill!

Providence Bay, 5 p.m., Labour Day Monday: all the tourists have gone home. It used to be me and my old buddy Jasmine Moon out there, on that very evening many years ago and we had the beach to ourselves, but those days are over. I pretty much had the whole stretch to myself.

Bear Moon, 24×36″, acrylic on canvas and brand new! Created this week on the range! You can see this one up close if you are in Toronto and visiting the Bay of Spirits Gallery! We made 4 new ones this past week, having turned the empty nest into an art making place.

Oh yes! I should mention the thing at the OCF, West Bay indian Rez, went alright back in August! We had a fun little crowd on hand and we went to work on the woodland moose, the bear clan, and the self portrait! What beauty pictures the participants created in just a short 2 hours! Wow!

We’re always available! Online or in person art classes or NBE3 classes, anywhere, anytime!