A beautiful sunrise on the Range, Friday morning, Manitoulin Island, Canada. It was the beginning of a stretch of very warm and beautiful climes, wonderful this time of year. The last time it was like this, it was 2015 and I remember it well! It was just me and my Jasmine Moon on the Range back in that early November 2015. What a lucky man I was to be able to walk her to the school bus every morning.

Sunrise as seen from the swanky 9th, Saturday morning! Hey! We’re maxing out these days and it’s good! Some rest time is good as well but we do that when we get home. When I got home from that Ottawa road trip, oh boy… This willful Indigenous artist was running on fumes. But we’re good now, after a few days of light duty. And the visiting of a fellow artist at her studio, her room with a view!

Silver Lake on Manitoulin Island: on the road to Sheshegwaning, Thursday afternoon. It was along the way when I stopped to visit my artist friend.

I always thought the 3rd floor of this place on Queen Street West would make a cool city address. Mind you it would have to be the entire floor for it to work!

This place on Queen Street West doesn’t have what I’m looking for, ha ha. Saturday, November 5th was a beautiful day weather wise and perfect cruising down the streets!

Let’s remember this one. And so after a day of walking and snooping it was back to the swanky 9th for a glass and truth be told I got to wonder where we’re off to anymore…

An Anishnabe in Quebec, c. 2005: alone in the wilds. I’ve made a few bad business decisions in the past and going to this place and staying as long as we did, was one of them! At the very least, we got a few fun photos out of it! This was back in the day when I still used my Nikon F2 and for this shot it was outfitted with a 16 mm Nikkor lens. If I could go back I’d tell that young lad: go home to your family and stay there with them. What a fool. Thinking he could make a difference.

Anyway. As my niece said to me on Saturday: enjoy another trip around the sun! Beautiful sunrise in progress here on the swanky 9th: a clear sky and the light of a new day working its way up into last night.