the willow in the front yard back home, on November 8th. seems like ages ago now. back in those days, Tuesday of last week, we were on “full moon watch”! well worth the wait.

and there she is! morning of November 10. the moon. the empty nest. the willow tree. the lawn full of goat poop. paintings on the table in there, waiting for the finishing touch!

the only traffic we see or hear out here! not a bad way to go if you’re into that sort of thing. which I certainly am!

at the McMichael Collection once again! always worth a look on a free Saturday afternoon. free to us I mean. the gallery wants ten bucks from each of us to get in, which isn’t a lot considering what they have to see in there. this beauty: a Jean Paul Lemieux from 1961: Solstice D’Hiver, oil on canvas, just one of many worth a half hour look. they have a J.P. over at the Varley Gallery in Unionville and I had a chance to give it a serious look, 5 years ago. same composition and spooky background! without knowing J.P.’s work, I did something similar to this, back in art school, autumn of 1985.

so hey! I’m in this show at the native friendship centre in Toronto on November 25th to the 28th! maybe I’ll see you!

I’m in Markham this afternoon, Monday, November 14th, looking at some new ideas, fresh sketches on 184 pound paper, 11×14 inches, 15 sheets in all, and maybe an idea we can work with in the very near future. how would you know if never tried?