Wow! Here we are! And so far, so good. Safe. All of us.

Part of the display at the Toronto Native Friendship Centre Xmas sale, 2 weekends worth, at the end of November and early December! We had a great time and it was awesome to see some old friends once again! Some of them, not since 1982…

Our line of Xmas cards made just for the event! They sure didn’t last long! We’re sold out!

Xmas once again, on the swanky 9th, cosy and warm and out of the wilds that rolled in on us on December 23rd!

Every so often I was able to get home to the range and that is a complete 180 from what’s going on down south! Up there, with no light or noise pollution, you can create a very slick looking display using candles only! Here is our display in the south west corner of the living room on December 17th! Beautiful artwork, some of it created at the Ravenseyrie Studio and Art Gallery, Gore Bay, Ontario, Canada.

A beautiful winter mid morning on the range, December 18, 2022. Not a lot of tracks these days with the empty nest…

Driving on the 407 east bound, heading to the Via Rail Station in Oshawa, on the night of December 23, 2022. It was one of those snow storms that made the news!

Rolling up on the Via Station, thinking the train was going to arrive at 645 p.m.!

At the Via Rail Station in Ottawa, around 10 p.m. Wow! Even the train had a tough go in this weather which… Makes no sense to me but anyway, the train was late 4 hours! Our old buddy Jasmine Moon though was in good spirits and order and ready for some xmas cheer at the swanky 9.

Calm and at peace on New Year’s Day 2023. A mild spell rolled through and that wallop of snow we had on the 23rd was pretty much gone by January 1. No wind on the range in winter makes for some easy going!

Okay! So we’re off to a brand new year! And we have a few new ideas for the painting department! As soon as I’m back up there we’re cracking open the big 36×48″ canvas! And we have some fun ideas swimming about in the writing department! So stay tuned! More to come!