aanii, boozhoo and hello there.  yes this is the twinravens blog and i’m the writer: Mark Seabrook, from the Spanish River Indian Reserve or Sagamok as the Anishnabe know it.  Sagamok is at the mouth of the Spanish River, up there in the beautiful La Cloche Mountain Range.  truth is i’m very rarely back there.

as for yours truly:  i’m a visual artist!  i’m out here in the back country of Tehkummah, on beautiful and peaceful Manitoulin Island, the place of my childhood.  i love it out here on the island.  its peace baby.  i was away for 20 years, mostly in the city and…  well the truth is i just got tired of the city life.  tired of a lot of things actually.  so i quit my job.  sold my house.  uprooted my family and dragged them all out here to this hundred year old farm house in the wilds where there is zero light and noise pollution.  we have the Manitou River flowing right through our front yard.  very nice.  quite loverly actually and healing too.

so that’s the dealio in 7.5 inch heelios.  my interests include making and viewing art, most music (except new country…  ), dance, theatre, and time well spent on the land, sea and air.  basically your standard issue Anishnabe with a touch of assimilation.