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Peter Purdy’s solo show at the Rooster on Bank Street, downtown Ottawa, closed yesterday and you can bet i was on my way at noon to pick up my purchase!  it was kind of fun being on the other end of the business:  usually i’m the artist but in this case i was the esteemed collector, wearing gloves, handling with care.  the painting came down off the wall, the Rooster folks had it covered nicely, and the painting went out the door, never to be seen in public again.  well maybe, down the road somewhere, if we ever get the twinravens art gallery opened, back home on “the island”.


there she is:  untitled, acrylic on canvas, 36×48 inches, twinravens permanent collection.

yes indeed:  sweet victory.  i’m very happy to have it.  and i will enjoy looking at her.


unknown artist, artwork on the side of the Dollarama Store, Somerset Street, Ottawa.

there is genius artwork darn near everywhere you look in this town.  i saw this work yesterday afternoon on my way to the Rooster and had to stop for a closer look.


beautiful.  i have no idea who, or where, but one thing is for certain:  i would love to see some work on canvas from this unknown artist.  imagine walking into a gallery and seeing 25 pieces, 36×48, portrait format, in super colour, created by this artist…


yes!  i’d line up to see that!  i was in a line up to get in and see the Kent Monkman show at the University of Toronto Gallery back in January but other than that, i’ve been able to waltz right in there, no problems.

well like i said before:  there is artwork everywhere!  live theatre/drama too, on the street corners, in the bars, down on Rideau outside the mall…

special services

was called up for some special services this past week and being an Anishnabe from way back, i had to go.  but when i got there, the scenes were rattling:


Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, May 4th.  drove by here many times or saw it out the No. 2 bus windows but never once set foot in the place, up until yesterday.


we arrived early so i had a chance to walk the grounds and read a few, like this one.  i stopped and wondered, what happened to Johnny Boy way back in November, 1888, when he was a spritely 25…  one thing is for darn sure: you can bet tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby that Jack never reached one iota of what he was capable of, while he was on this earth.  got me to thinking about how i conduct my own indian affairs.


yes indeed it got me to thinking, about a great many things.  i thought about my long gone indian brothers.  a nephew.  grandparents who i never really got to know and never knew where their final resting place is.  missed the whole deal with them: that’s the Sixties Scoop.


all these heavy duty thoughts were swirling around but i settled myself down when i thought about my dad, Jack i mean, not my indian dad, when he said:  everybody’s gotta go sometime, Red.  he said that to me way back, i think it was in the winter of 85.

i started getting the spooks, walking around in there,  and wished i’d brought my cigarettes.  a little tobacco smoke would have done me well in there but i went on with what i had: i brought up one of the twinravens prayers and imagined Allegri’s Miserere mei, Deus, for a musical backdrop, to calm things.  pretty soon one of the boys came along:


here is a good reading of Miserere:

and so that was said and done.  never met the lady myself but i fully and completely understand how tough its going to be for some folks come later today and the next few.

6 days on the road

of course as soon as i write that i hear Dave Dudley singing the old trucker classic, playing on those 8 track tapes back in the 70’s…


so we got through Day 2 at the conference, with a great many things to ponder, me especially.  i got to looking at that slide and wondered what the definition of “more repetitive” is.  we’re talking Type 2 yes, but is it a month?  a season?  a year?  what about 6 years stacked on top of each other?  we’ll have to take that up with accounting.


Sunrise on Sunday, April 30th, Highway 7 and McCowan as seen from the 9th.


a few of the titles we purchased at the conference: no light reading by any stretch!  there wasn’t any time for reading on Sunday as we had to blaze up to Ottawa and handle some serious affairs.


remember Michelle:  never ever ever tell anyone about this…  (too many serious days can  really make a difference when the light duty is supposed to start!)


Sunrise on Tuesday, May 2nd, 7 and McCowan as seen from the 9th.


unfortunately for me I got away from my Jazzy Moon!  a father can’t spend too much time away from his daughter.  at least not this father!


she’s growing up.  the dreaded empty nest is looming up large for this old man.  for those of you in the know, if you have any advice on how to deal with this mega transition, leave me a comment!  otherwise if left on my own all i can visualize is me in this Winslow Homer masterpiece:


“The Gulf Stream”, Winslow Homer, 1899, oil on canvas, 28×49 inches.  (at the Met?)

Dream Journal: 3:34 a.m., Saturday

i’m on the road this weekend, in the town of London, Ontario, taking in the conference: “Brain, Mind & Body: Trauma, Neurobiology & the Healing Relationship”.


we’re going over some serious subject matter: synchrony, attunement, and self regulation: the neurobiology of childhood abuse and neglect, sense of self in trauma survivors, early childhood trauma, unresolved trauma, PTSD and so on.  we’ve already purchased books like “The Body Keeps the Score, Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma”, Bessel Van der Kolk, M.D., (he’s here, presenting at the conference) published in 2015 by Penguin Books.  and “Affect Regulation, and the Repair of the Self” by Allan N. Schore, published in 2003, Norton.  plus a few other super heavy duty titles we won’t get into here.

so me being native, first nations, aboriginal, indigenous, indian, or whatever the label, and knowing the relationship these people have had with the federal government for the past 150 years, you’ll know some of us and our families have experienced unpleasant things, some of which could be: Indian Residential Schools and/or the Sixties Scoop.  (we’re not talking wars here, or natural disasters, we’re talking government policy with the locals)

anyway.  and so we are here and it is now!  we’re in a nice hotel.  and we’re in a nice room with big comfy beds.

i just woke from this nightmare:

i was alone, walking at night, in winter.  the snow covered earth was brighter than the sky, something i’ve seen many times throughout my own many winters.  it wasn’t a well traveled road, more like a country lane of some sort, and i could see to my right, the snow covered fields and in the distance, low rolling hills and beyond: the mighty forest.

it was one of those winter nights where it was an overcast sky and the gentle breeze was out of the south, mild.  there was no noise or light pollution, kind of like being back home, in the old country, up there on “the island”.

as i walked along this path in silence, every now and again i would pass by a very huge and old maple tree on the field.  and behind these trees, i sensed something was out there.

as i continued, the maple trees became younger, and were growing along what would normally be a fence line.  and whatever was out there, was getting closer.

soon i was entering a hardwood forest, mostly young maple trees, thick and black against the snow covered forest floor and the late night overcast sky.  whatever was out there, behind the huge old trees on the field, was now very close, and not just one, but many.

i stopped, turned to the right, faced the forest and whatever it was out there, moving on me, i could see a piece of it.  in the distance i could see one of them, standing behind one of these younger maple trees.  i couldn’t identify what shape it was, all i could see was a black object.

then there was another one, over there.  and yet another, in another place.  and more of them.

i turned and continued but now i could hear something out there, something moving in the darkness.  and i somehow sensed the colour purple, not the blues and greens i usually walk with.

so i turned to face the things and there they were, in with the trees, in with the forest.  i could see them, dark shapes, some of them moving into the flanking positions.  just when i realized what they were about to do, one of them flew out of the darkness to my right and it was a huge black wolf with eyes blazing red, charging right at me.

whew!  you can bet i woke up in quite a state, here in my fancy bed, in my fancy hotel room.

well in a few short hours it will be day 2 at this conference…




NR: start the music!

many moons ago, another life time it seems, there was music group called:  No Reservations.

i was in it.  and believe you me there truly were no reservations about anything when it came to a rock and roll band, your 20’s, and a life on the road!

inexperienced kids going on about things they have no idea: money.

so last night i went to the guitar shop to buy some new guitar strings, in the spirit of the upcoming festival gig; and of course to snoop the hardware:  amps, flashy guitars, and bullshit.  2 chuckle heads were in there, one was the guitar tech. the other some snail in the local what have you, and they were going on about all the crap going on in Canada these days.  i wondered if either of those brainiacs considered going for President.

what noise!

here are the 2 show bizz guitars i’m looking at:


Ibanez hardware:  show bizz only.   let me know what you think:  the brown one or the black one.


on the bus home i had to switch bus rides and found myself outside Venus Envy, looking in!


it really is up my alley.  i’m not a guy who goes to the beach tucked up tight…


last month’s art show came and went (ha!) with not a word about sales!  so we’ll have to take that to accounting and see what is up with anything to do with next year.


funny combo of store fronts!  oh those crazy liberals!  (Bank Street, Ottawa, ON.)


check that out!  there might be people living up there!  that’s the art store on Bank Street, 10 p.m., Thursday night!  wow.  never saw lights on up there before…

NR: a million years ago, before we got up to making records and going out on the road.

it was a great band.  i wonder if it can still BE!

Everywhere: there is art

ah but we move around, going from A to B or beyond, and see a great many things!  as for this artist, you might catch me stopping and staring for a few moments, at the scenes along the way.  or if there is a street musician out there, i’ll definitely stop and give them a listen.  or a sunrise…


Highway 7 at McCowan, Markham, Ontario, April 17.  Listen to THAT!

one adventure comes to an end, maybe we take a couple of days off, and embark on another, the ship of course being YOU!  or me in this case.


At the Hunt Club.

“so word is out! everyone knows. no one says anything but everyone knows.
how totally and completely f’d up is that?
and its all my own! it has nothing to do with anyone else. this is my own story: written, directed, produced, and starring ME!  super f’d.”

Words from: Fighting In Hell, A Sixties Scoop Survivor’s Artistic Journey


Visiting some old friends:  twinravens originals, “Tehkummah Scenes”, 2014-2015, acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches, Private Collection.

it really is wonderful to see your work matted and framed and hanging in a place of honour in someone’s home.  i remember creating these pieces.  and it was nice to see them again.  i can look at them and say to myself:  hey!  that’s nice work!


“untitled sketch”, 2017, acrylic on canvas board, 15 x15 inches, available/for sale.

we have to keep moving!  there is a lot more art to see, and a lot more art to create.  i’ve got the big book of “Paintings from A to Z, A history of painting from prehistoric times to present day”, Rebo International b.v., 2006, and when you open it, 768 heavy duty pages, the first thing you see is Leo’s Mona Lisa, c. 1503-17.  but when you turn to “section D” to see what they have to say about da Vinci, the first thing you see is Marcel Duchamp’s Mona Lisa with a Moustache, 1919.  oh those crazy Dadaism cats!

we have to get crazy!  or at least i do.  playing it safe never got me anywhere.



Good Friday!


the gals in Toronto, Good Friday: perfect day for it too!  i wanted to see the Round House museum to the right of this shot but the girls basically said:  this is a “Dork Free” afternoon…  (so no trains.)


lunch upstairs, CN Tower.  that’s Toronto Island Air and you can see Porter Airlines coming in for a landing.


Jazzy Moon gearing up!  of course she just had to go out on that Edge Walk experience.  fearless of heights, she made the walk and as soon as she was back, wanted to do it again.


yeah!  what a walk!  perfect day for it too.  i think the next time we need to bring our old buddy Morgan!


so there it is.  that’s pretty high up for walking around with no hand rails!  of course the harness is secure but still, that is more than a thousand feet up!


a pleasant day downtown.  i was hoping to get back to my river and my range but ah well, soon enough.