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the clone trees

ah yes!  i thank you for writing and yes:  there is a chance to hear a reading of poems from the “Found Poetry” project!  i was thinking about you yesterday, had me a minute and so opened up Book 2 at any old random page and up came:  The Clone Trees.  and so here is my reading of, just for you!

as per requested, i read a bunch of others and will post those to my youtube very soon.  i’m thinking we’ll just post them individually as no one on this youtube EARTH is going to sit through 25 minutes!

as for Book 2, started way back on December 20, 2018, we have just 70 pages to go!

Found Poetry:


you had me at good bye…

winter in the city of course, is what i’m going on about!


last big brew ha ha in Ottawa, night of March 13, down along Blake Blvd.  it was mild yes!  and we all knew this was the last of it!  but gosh darn when you’re in the city and this is going on it isn’t so much the weather but it’s the folks who live here full time…  back home you get something like this and there is nothing to do but crack open a really tasty red, stoke the blaze, and enjoy the show.


March 13, town of Vanier, Ottawa:  even the hookers were hiding out somewheres else on this one!  anyway.  like i said, in the city, with winter, you had me at adios.


wearing and tearing:  March 24th, downtown Ottawa, riding the number 12 on a Sunday afternoon, humming “No Particular Place to Go”.  a lot of that going on down there at the Rideau Centre Mall…


pages 70/71 in book two:  Found Poetry.  that grand and beauty art and writing, journalling and fun with games idea runs its course fast when the story in that hard cover novel purchased for 4 bucks over at the Sally, starts going south.  we started book two with the troops way back before xmas and here we are staring April in the mug with 70 more pages to go!  (its turning out to be quite a story telling journal alright…  (which is scary!))


art making stations ready to rumble:  waiting on the kids to arrive, March Break madness camp, day 3.  she was an all hands on deck experience out there, west of the good city.  i love doing these art making gigs with the kids!


twinravens dreaming about spring, acrylic on canvas board, 5×7 inches, March 019.  ah yes how i would love to be there and see it for myself: the open range opening up to a new season.


we are NOT far away!  i can jump into that getaway, pull onto highway 17 west and be there in a short 8 hours!  of course i always drive it at night (hoping to be not shaking hands with a moose along the way!) and i love to pull over, in the deep dark woods between Deep River and Mattawa where at 3 a.m. you can really see the super stars of the Milky Way, hear the loons and oh my goodness what a beautiful thing it is to be out there in the wilds at that hour, knowing full well your toes are going to be in the Manitou River on the very same day.


home sweet home is a paradise on earth!  we’ll go back there together some day, or i mean some night, this summer!  we’ll go down to the medicine river and sleep on the stones during the afternoons…


we can work on those “special” tan lines…  (ha!)  and talk about art and art history and some of the sights and sounds from along the way.  maybe even put the art bridge to some good use while we are there.  and at night with no light pollution or noise pollution we can walk the lawns, what a dream that would be!


a summer evening on the Range: reminds me of those beauty days back in the town of Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island, back home with the folks, way back in 1975!  ah yes we have been blessed!

at Wonderland

Jazzy Moon sailing at Wonderland, on the Crazy River!

we got sweet Jazzy Moon home safe and sound!  she’s been to Paris, France and places in Spain.  what a grand adventure that must have been.  this old boy sure was happy to see her come walking back through that door!


the clock is ticking…

at any rate:  we march forward!  marching into spring time!  and i will enjoy the march as i have places to go!  (psst!!!  i’m brewing up a brand new idea for the paints and brushes, surely to cause a fuss, if i can manage it into what i’m imagining!)(and!!!  my novel is at the printers being formatted as i write!  i hope to see that in my wild hands sometime very soon!)  so lets keep with the marching.


a Walk Around the Block


Deer Clan sketch, 7×9 inches, acrylic on canvas board, February 019.  Folks we are getting close to saying good bye to Stevensons Brand acrylic paint…


Black Cat and a Raven, sketch, 9×12 inches, acrylic on canvas board, February 019.  Based on a true story too!  Back on the range, one autumn afternoon many moons ago, good old “Whitey”, the cat with blue eyes, climbed a very tall tree out by the waterfalls and yup:  along came a few crows.  I switched out the crows for a raven.


I thought she was holding out on me.  Turns out…  what I thought was a roll of 20 dollar bills, ready for our trip to the downtown yesterday, was nothing more than dog poop bags…


Nice work!  At the “How to Breathe Forever” show, Onsite Gallery, 199 Richmond St. W., Toronto.  “Onsite Gallery offers powerful, thought-provoking exhibitions of art, design and new media to stimulate conversations on critical issues facing Toronto and the world.”  (Corporate pitch just inside the door)

Also just inside the door:  “OCAD University acknowledges the ancestral and traditional territories of the Mississaugas of the New Credit, the Haudensaunee, the Anishinaabe and the Huron Wendat, who are the original owners and custodians of the land on which we stand and create.”

I got to thinking: folks around here (Toronto) have better luck seeing an Indian on the skids, half snapped on Boone’s Farm, up there on University and Queen, than a live beaver, which of course is on a useless nickel.

As for the artwork, speaking of beaver, it was created by an artist from Waskaganish!  I didn’t see the details on the cards but I’m guessing they are a student at OCA.  Nice work, beadwork too.  I wonder how they’re liking the big leagues of downtown, a far stretch away from the mighty woods just east of the James Bay.


Ink, colouring pencil on super duper high end paper, unknown North Country artist, Onsite Gallery.  The show runs to April 14th so you still have time!


A genuine fake Norval Morrisseau, front window, unknown gallery just east of Onsite Gallery, Richmond St., Toronto.

They’ve got the scam artists front and centre in this swank place!  You can bet two Indian Head nickels that a fella like me, actual and authentic, and an active artist, couldn’t get through the front door with his work, into this joint.  You can also bet two more of those nickels that the folks in here don’t sport the same pitch as the OCA guys when it comes to the “acknowledges the ancestral and traditional territories of…” bit.  As in: if I were to walk in there and question said phoney in the picture above, how long before they’d be dialling up security to “escort this ‘gentleman’ to the door…”?


“Indian Residential School Blues”, 36×48 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  (alive and active, authentic too!)  Here at we aim to cause a fuss.


Acrylic on Canvas board, 9×12 inches

Ah yes…  a twinravens landscape, going back to the mighty ranges just west of the town of Tehkummah, Ontario, Canada.  (We also aim to go above and beyond the woodlands!)

_DSC1988 - Version 2

Mark Seabrook, outside J.E.H. MacDonald’s house, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, last spring, before the Scotland gig.  I knocked but Jimmy Boy wasn’t home.  (I could have passed myself off as one of the “Indian Group of Seven”, ha!)

Well this old Anishnabe boy and artist keeps rolling along, paints and brushes at the ready.  Maybe some day I’ll have my name on a window in Toronto, announcing a twinravens show, with folks waiting in line, hoping to meet the artist.


From August 2, 2018, on Dundas St. E.  Beauty day and evening in the city.


At his studio way back on June 20, 2017.  Did I ever tell you the story about seeing his fancy give away doctorate paper work from OCA?  It was there at his studio, in an amusing display space!


Rubbing shoulders with the famous:  that is the mighty Jen B., lead singer of the great Anishnabe rock and roll band:  No Reservations, on July 6, 2017 (back stage, a half hour before show time!).  Not only is she a classic rock and roll vocalist and show woman, but she’s a super talented First Nations visual artist as well.  Hopefully we’ll cross paths again, sometime soon!


Speaking of great First Nations artists: The great Jazzy Moon, on the last evening of summer holidays, Labour Day Monday, September 2, 2013  It was just me and Jazzy Moon left on the beach, Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island, the night before the start of Grade 6.  We had the beach to ourselves and the swings too, the sand, the water and the sky.

You see I’m a father who stayed pretty close to his daughter.  I was there when all those important things happened.  But here today, March 10, 2019, I am up here on the swanky 9th, Markham, Ontario, Canada, and she is in Paris, France, viewing up close and personal the likes of the Mona Lisa, the tower and the cathedral.  How I wish we could have seen it together.

(There should be some ceremonial or ritual thing for us old boys whose daughters are powering up to fly away.)(Empty nest looming like never before…  )

Found Poetry Fun!


February 20th at the Morning Owl, 229 Armstrong, Ottawa, Ontario.  Brave souls out to give the poetry arms a stretch!


Our hostess had the jazz music playing, great coffees and drinks, peaceful and easy, perfect for some creative exercises.  (i love the found poetry thing!)


Show and tell:  looking at the works of art and writing.  We also had a small stage for some reading of “fresh work”!


My wild creations:  Found Poetry, pages 100 and 101, Book 2.

“Sweet Seventeen”

everything with a smile
spending all night looking for me along the silent roads of the world…


“unaccountable passion”

didn’t move or express any emotion at my return
woke up in her bed
the candlelight
woodsmoke was thick
She had changed.

Words and music by Mark Seabrook.  (or are they my words?)


When the text gets really weird as it did in the book I chose to work in, sometimes the best thing to do is paint over the page and start fresh with a new song list:

And so it is February 23rd, we’re going to York U. today, me as faithful Indian companion,  lead scout and back up if it boils down to such things.


My new hat!  It can’t be all work and no play!  We’re going out tonight for a little look around.

Found Poetry

Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 6:30 p.m., hosted by the Morning Owl Coffeehouse+Parlour, 229 Armstrong Street, Ottawa.  All art supplies provided, hard cover book too, plenty to choose from!  Sharpie markers on hand, ball point pens, maybe some acrylic paint but most importantly:  YOU!  The artist/writer.  Take a scroll back into the blog (wrote “bog” the first time around, ha!) to before Xmas and you’ll see my found poetry exercise, Book 1, with blue/green cover.


Book 1.  October 16 to November 25, 2018.  340 pages of found poetry, painting, drawing, song playlist, and journal.


Book 2, pages 118 and 119, Feb. 12, 2019.  Found poem:

“and still don’t”

it was nightfall when i woke
the heat of the world was different
a naked heat
a candle whose odd illumination
expanded the universe for me
Why? i asked
we sat in silence for a long time
she had sand and leaves in her hair
her precious stones of sleep in her hands
wonderful pearls and rainbow coloured stones of light
i didn’t understand…

Ah yes.  Found poetry.  Truth is I never would have dreamt up such a combination of words, and so!  This found poetry exercise could be fun and I hope to see you on Wednesday night!  We can give it a go together and see what we can find.


Mask making on January 29th:  a “never miss, never fail” art making exercise.


A Valentine’s Day card made to last!  Acrylic paint on canvas board, 7×9 inches, painted on Feb. 13, 2019 and delivered on the 14th, with sweet love words written on back.


Came across this bizarre collection of short stories and paintings, by Malcolm Edwards and Bob Holdstock, illustrations by “Young Artists”, c. 1979, over at the goodwill on Montreal Road, while on the snoop for hardcover books with quality paper for the found poetry exercise.  This is only the 2nd copy of this book I’ve seen in all my travels.  Back in 79, when I was a snot nosed early teen, running the outback and jungles of Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada, my mom gave me a copy of this book, either for Xmas or a birthday present.  She knew I was heavy duty into the visual arts and a sailor’s coil for late 70’s movie sci fi.  She also knew I wasn’t much for reading big blocks of text, if you know I mean.


It was this bizarre picture that caught my attention, back in 1979.  On the following page was a brief, sci fi description of what was supposedly going on:  Earthling in a heavy duty space suit examining washed up alien carcass on sunny beach, distant world.

Yeah man.  I looked at this one for a long time.  I wondered who that dude was, inside that flashy outfit.  I wondered who those weird little characters were, bringing up the rear, and I especially stared out the big farm house windows wondering what that big alien carcass was, and how big and deep could those far away oceans be, on that distant, other world…

You see we had a beach on the south shore of Manitoulin Island, down there on Carter’s Bay.  We used to call the place:  The Sand Dunes, and it kind of looked like what I was seeing in this painting.  I spent a few summer afternoons back in those days (this was in the time before “THE BIKINI”), walking down that beach, imagining I was the dude in the flashy space rig, wondering what big creatures could be swimming in the great and mighty Lake Huron of the late 1970’s.  Even though my 1979 mind was as big as the “surprise” in a Cracker Jack Box, I started dreaming up and in secret, started writing my own little sci fi story, on loose leaf paper which I stowed in my little rat’s nest of a bedroom, windows facing east.

One day, not sure when, but one of my so called “friends” was in there, back in our Monopoly/Yahtzee days, he found my little manuscript and gave it a read.  He burst out laughing, snorting and wheezing, going on about how it was the stupidest thing he’d ever read and the only place for a story like that was the garbage can…

Well that did it.  I went back to hiding in the jungles.

All these years later, of course its completely clear that my so called friends from 1979 and I were no different than the characters seen in the Dawn of Man sequence in “2001: A Space Odyssey” and it was super stupid of me to toss my space ace spy thriller.  Duh.

So much for the sci fi adventures of Buzz Buzzard, rogue army captain turned pirate space captain…

Ah the things you see at goodwill…


Not found at goodwill:  unknown painting title, unknown artist, acrylic on canvas, possibly 24×24 inches, on display at the Atomic Rooster, Bank Street, Ottawa, on December 11, 2018.  I need more $$$ in the acquisitions budget!


Another beauty at the Atomic Rooster, December 11, 2018.  Unknown title, unknown artist.  I think that one’s oil on masonite but I’m not 100%.  Yes…  we need a lot more $$$ in the purchasing department.


the mad city…


Lacasse Ave, Ottawa, 530 p.m., January 23rd.  freezing rain about to begin…


untitled and unfinished:  what do you think, put the ravens in or leave it blank?  acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches.  January 19th.


i think i’ll keep this one.  acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches.  January 19th.


mask making, January 16th.  there is room for a lot of games when it comes to an art activity like this one.


plenty of room for play!  and this is a good thing.  right now the big canvas is in sleep mode.  a lot of fun stuff has been in sleep mode as i worked my way through to the completion of an unfinished project that has gone on that way for much too long!

and lets not forget sunday morning:  such a beautiful dream…


minus 30 C

welcome to Canada!  minus 30 in the wind and it is all of what they say it is!  FRESH!  i’m going out there soon as i need some brand spanking new super and ultra fine paint brush tips.


Pages 230/231, Painting and poetry book project, autumn 2018, acrylic and sharpie marker on paper c. 1992.  looking back on it now, that project/journal is mighty telling!


Pages 266/267, Painting and poetry book project, autumn 2018, acrylic and sharpie marker on paper.  hmmm…  (all will be explained in the upcoming novel about to be released!)


Tehkummah Winter Scenes, 7×9 inches, acrylic on canvas board, c. 2014.  Private collection.  if i were back home i’d imagine seeing something like this!  but we are still in the city.


photo from a long ago August afternoon.   we’re a long way from those summer climes!  i’m dreaming about those as i gear up for a ride downtown to the art store, today we’re after some super fine tip brushes, no matter about the minus 30 bizz:  it is beautiful Canada.  happy new year!