a change in scenery


sunrise on the range, July 8th, the weekend NR was back on stage at the Northern Lights Festival.  seems like a mighty long time ago!


sunrise on the range:  indian summer!  September 16th: heat waving for a very groovy 2 plus weeks!  perfect for the woodland artist alone in the woodlands.


sunrise on the range:  September 21.  still in the heat wave and still alone in the wilds, paint brushes in my hands!


sunset on the range:  September 21.  i heard the thunder to the south and directly behind i had 3 bald eagles: singing and carrying on, doing that eagle air show where they link up with the claws.  what a show!


sweet times at the falls on September 24: at last, safe for swimming and wading.  (just watch out for the salmon going up alive or coming down dead!)


South Bay Mouth on October 18th:  it’s a 15 minute drive through the country to the shoreline.  i had planned on doing some art bridge painting but on this day it was just too windy!  so instead i made the drive to SBM, mid afternoon, to see it for myself.


South Bay Mouth and Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve on October 18th: what an amazing afternoon filled with big sights and sounds!


sunrise on the range, October 21.  i had to stop and stare as a change in scenery was coming up fast!


Ben Chee Chee print and kooky West Coast motif “things”, among others, St. Vincent De Paul store front, Wellington Street, Ottawa, on the evening of October 22:  shirt sleeve mild!


Corner of Somerset and Booth, Ottawa, October 22.  my old city address was just up to the left of the frame, on Booth Street, many moons ago to be sure!  and yet here i am back again, always looking around the same old area, the old part of town.


Blazing west on the 401 near Whitby, Ontario, 5 a.m., October 23.  Daddy’s Taxi, rolling through the day and night!


“Generations”, 30×40 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  One of the large paintings created during my trip through Indian Summer on the Range, 2017 edition.


Painting from the Art Bridge, created during Indian Summer, Sept. 2017.  9×12 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.

and so we might be at a new paint address for the next little while, not sure how long, but it is a scene we have enjoyed in the past.  never painted any pictures here so we’ll see how it goes…


Indian Residential School Survivor No. 1


“Indian Residential School Survivor No. 1”, 30×40 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.


Anishnabe artist: Mark Seabrook, on the range.

60’s Scoop Survivor No. 1

back in January i was finding amusements with the Joseph Boyden scam: Joe claiming to be native/first nations/indian or whatever you want to call it, and the national press getting big time, reporting some amusing stories on how the folks in Joe’s camp might say one thing yet mean another.  i chuckled as i read the story, and soon went down to Bank Street in Ottawa, visited the art supply and picked up a 24×36 which i’d hoped would become:  Joseph Boyden Meets Grey Owl, acrylic on canvas.

soon enough though i lost interest in the story and also discovered, through sketching on canvas board, that i didn’t have the brush working chops to pull off said painting, as i’d imagined it.  so the under painting sat at arm’s length for…  how long has it been?  9 months?  needless to say i’ve been looking at it for those 9 months, wondering…

yesterday i booted up the “art bridge” here on the range and fired up the twinravens almighty, and that 24×36.  it was a glorious autumn day for the creative endeavour!  windy.  sunny.  mild.  eagles singing down by the river.  ravens in the trees, watching.


“60’s Scoop Survivor, No. 1”, 24×36 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Mark Seabrook.

well the Joseph Boyden scam likely worked out alright for Joe, they’re making movies of his books and his sales figures likely went through the roof with all that wild press at the start of the year.  those 20 dollar bills can stack up pretty high, pretty fast when the national press is in on it, etc.

as for yours truly, out here on the open range, sun blazing down, “60’s Scoop Survivor, No. 1” inspires!  i do have:  “Indian Residential School Survivor, No. 1”, 30×40 inches, acrylic on canvas, but we’re holding that one back pending approval at a place where if it were, the beds we’d be making might make for a decent night’s sleep.

Back in O Town!

it was a short hop alright but what fun, visiting and dining with the ladies!  my time alone, 28 days…  whew!  it finally came to an end.  the good folks at Trattoria Caffe Italia know how to take good care of us.  and we have some fresh replacements delivered to Cube Gallery.  more importantly though, a chance to sit with and see the ladies, what beautiful creatures they are!


back on Island Park, seems like oceans of time have been crossed but really, the end of June was not that long ago.


flashy wheels cruising Exhibition Way, Saturday night!  perfect street name for a ride like this!

Moose Nahmiwan

Moose Nahmiwan, acrylic on canvas board, 16×20 inches. Painted on the Range in March 2015

on the drive home, starting out around 12:30 a.m., O Town to the Range, i got up close and darn near personal with a bull moose!!!  right near the back water outpost called Bisset Creek on highway 17.  i had the brakes full on and swerved into the oncoming lane, just barely missing that jumbo and trotting beast!  it’s kind of peculiar considering the painting subject matter from this month!  i’m getting ready to put Moose Nahmiwan on a 30×40 inch canvas and here was the real deal filling up my windshield at 4 a.m. on highway 17.  whew!  rock and roll over!


sadly, indio summer is over.  we had 19 days of it ending with a walloping 38 C/100 F, Sunday, Sept. 24th.  wow!  made for some grand and glorious times out there on the river, swimming with salmon and with bald eagles flying over head.  next stop is Thanksgiving Weekend!  have fun!

life and times of a famous native canadian artist…

ha!  i say that jokingly!  because i’m out here on the range, going on 21 days now without a note of art conversation, idea expressed verbally, or hint of a hand to hold while under the mighty Milky Way.  she’s new moon boys.  and so, alone under the almighty, with eagles roosting down by the river (what music they make first thing in the morning!) and the great wide open:  there is room to stretch the “art making arms”.  we have some good looking pieces but we’re also getting down to the bottom of the paint barrels.

so last night around 7 i stowed the gear, set a table for one, lit a candle, cracked open a Paul Jaboulet Aine Cornas Domaine de Saint Pierre (2012), sparked up the youtube for a little dinner music and instead got attracted to a documentary about alien abductions.  i watched the nutty scenes, heard the kook house stories, heard the so called experts blabbering on about all this stars and moon and space stuff and…  well the truth is i didn’t know if it was the creep show scenes they were mustering in the doc (the greys were coming out of a bright white light), the gacked out music on the doc soundtrack, the fancy French Rhone, or the 21 days alone at sea, but somehow that alien abduction jazz started rattling my rusty cage!

i put my knife and fork down and looked out the jumbo windows which face the east, they were wide flipping open of course, and kind of wondered if there was anything out there.  the pooch was sitting at attention, head up, ears tuned into something going on out there to the north east.  you have to remember:  out here in the boons, there is no light pollution, no noise pollution, no neighbours, and a whole lot of SFA once the lights go out.  SFA i mean if your jiggly mind doesn’t start playing tricks.

of course we have this guy, Roger, in the house.  Shell brought him in from Ottawa and so here he is, in the house, staring at yours truly, Travis Walton wannabe/Little Boy Blue, alone at his dining table…


well 21 day days alone…  (see what i mean?), nights too, might cause a fuss when you’re sailing across the universe.  slip that stupid documentary with the spook house scenes in there and you’re cooking with gas.  so i booted up my Facebook and wrote a farewell message to the world, going on about this alien abduction thing and told them i was tired of hiding behind the couch with my bottle of french vin and was going to scurry off to bed, like Yoda in his death scene.

i got up to my room with a view and saw this guy staring at me!!!


“An Ojibwe in Quebec:  A Self Portrait on June 14th”, 2004, acrylic on canvas, 22×28 inches.  Morgan H. Collection.  (We’re holding onto it for now.)

so by this point in time i’m about ready to soil my drawers.  i thought a little night music might help ease the creeps and me into la la land so i hit the random button on the remote and on came this:

(note the house on the open range and the one tree…  )(looking kind of like a place we sort of know…  )


my crib, on the open range…


sunrise on the range, Sept. 21.  the last full day of summer…

and so!  i made it through the night.  i did NOT get abducted by aliens, at least not that i can remember, Roger is still over there gawking at me, and “A Self Portrait on June 14th” is still in the collection here, on hold.  i thought i’d jump in the car and take a little ride into the city and see the madness first hand, up close, where i could catch a whiff, and maybe dust off the cobwebs that will surely develop after 21 days alone at sea, but a cooler and calmer mind at the other end of a long distance phone call this morning put those plans on ice.

and so it is back to the brushes, here, deep in Indian Summer, safe and sound back on earth.


amusing adventures!


fake dirty hands!  (on the set of the film: Through Black Spruce, Monday afternoon!)


no jewelry on my fake filthy hands!!!  and i left it with the wardrobe girl!!!  (had to go all the way back to Sudbury and get the almighty on Tuesday!!!  (had a chance to drive past skid row for a lunch time looksie too, so all wasn’t lost.))


fake dirty boots, and fake dirty jeans!  i love the movies!  (Through Black Spruce, by Joe, you know how i feel about that news item so we’ll just leave it alone.)


thank you for a good time!  these jars of Stevensons Paint, made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, are the last of my big paint purchase, 2001.  16 years ago!!!  wowza!  i know it was me and Shell at the factory, slapping down the plastic to the tune of about 800 smackeroos.  this was in the time of the Great Mrs. H., and before the time of the Great Jasmine Moon!  before twinravens.com!!!  well folks:  i scraped out the last of the Phthalo  Blue yesterday and am about to scrape out the last of the Phthalo Green today…  i’m thinking about a special send off for these dear friends, my fave colours, used in all of my paintings since 2001…  (if you have one of my paintings and if there is a little bit of blue or green in them, it came from one of these jars..  (getting a bit misty eyed here going down memory lane…  ))

well you have to know:  an artist and their colours, hey!  that is a brotherhood or sisterhood!  the loyal order of!  needless to say i’ll be wiggling into my “dark city boy” outfit and making a trip BACK to Stevensons Paint on Warden, for some fresh replacements.  that should be happening very soon.

artist in October

said “dark city boy” outfit, as sported in the time of Island Park.  we’re a long way from there, in now with where eagles fly.  no need for an outfit like this out here but when you’re in with the wilds of the city, a costume comes in handy.

speaking of costumes:  the Witches Gathering is coming up soon!!!  so lets start imagining what that looks like!  ah yes!  many amusing adventures indeed!

indian summer paradise!


the Saturday afternoon blast!  how perfect!


we can’t be working all the time!  the paint brushes and colours sometimes have to wait.