New photographs by Mark Seabrook


“Dying 2B Indian, No. 1”, 8×10 inch photograph, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  November 18, 2017.


“Dying 2B Indian, No. 2”, 8×10 inch photograph, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  November 18, 2017.

Artist proofs available until December 15.


paintings by Mark Seabrook

we’re going down memory lane this morning in the art department, looking at some of my work with the question in mind:  What makes art Canadian?  we’re asking after attending last night’s sleepy little outing to the Isabel Bader Theatre, Charles St. West, Toronto, where the Art Canada Institute gave their mission statement a stretch!  the ACI is dedicated to making Canadian art history a contemporary conversation.  in with last night’s conversation, a gal made her presentation on Norval Morrisseau, creator of the Woodland School, and his place in all of this.  of course what caught my eye in the promo was a detail of Morrisseau’s Man Changing Into a Thunderbird, panel 1 of 6.  (that’s the work that sparked my imagination way back in art school!  (even though i came up on Manitoulin Island and the second generations of woodland school painters were everywhere and you couldn’t drive 10 miles without seeing their stuff, courtesy of the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation))

A Self Portrait on November 30th by Mark Seabrook

“November 30th”, 2008, 30×40 inches, acrylic on canvas, Private Collection.

Bear Clan with White Raven

“Bear Clan”, 2011, acrylic on canvas board, 18×24 inches, Artist Collection.


“Water Spirit”, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 24×36 inches, Private Collection.

January 2009 001

“2 Wolves, Feeding”, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 36×48 inches, Private Collection.


30×30 inches

“Missing and Murdered Indian Women, No. 1”, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 30×30 inches, Private Collection.


For Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women, Acrylic on canvas, 36×58 inches

“For Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women”, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 36×58 inches.  Sale price:  $4 000.


Acrylic on canvas, 30×40 inches

“For Missing and Murdered Women”, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 30×40 inches.  Sale price:  $3 800.


“Indian Residential School Survivor, No. 1”, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 30×40 inches.  Sale price:  $3 800.


“60’s Scoop Survivors: Lost child, lost parent”, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 20×40 inches.  Sale price:  $2 800.


“I.R.S. No. 1”, November 2017, acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches.  Sale price:  $200.


“I.R.S. No. 2”, November 2017, acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches.  Sale price:  $200.

Original artwork by First Nations and Anishnabe painter:  Mark Seabrook, Manitoulin Island (which is right here in Canada!).


19th Annual Witches Gathering

monday morning and a chance to look back at an amusing weekend on the road: to Ottawa, for the 19th annual, bells and whistles costumes or last minute costumes, it was a grand looking party and a great time.  i’ve been going to the Witches Gathering for…  well 17 years at least!  likely 18, and did we, as a rock and roll band, NR, play it twice?


back on Island Park, relaxing on the morning of the big bash.  hard to believe that just beyond those trees is the loud and proud runway they call Island Park.


fun decorations:  we were in at 5, decorated, lights out and doors open at 7, ritual at 830, dancing, fun and games at 10 till 2.


“where there is smoke, there is fire”, 2nd place for sexiest costume!  ha ha!


spooky table top scenes:  how would like to have a drink with this character staring at you?


“raven scenes on Halloween, 1 of 6”, 7×9 inches, acrylic on canvas board, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  painted during Indian Summer, 2017.  i slipped 6 of these bad boys into the prize baskets but next year i think we’re going double down at the very least, with what can offer an outfit that will be celebrating 20 fun years and community service.  (personally i think everyone who dresses up and comes out deserves a prize!)


waiting for a taxi after midnight:  the reason why pole dancers use a pole is if you don’t have something to hang onto…  down you go!  the higher up you are, the further down you have to fall…  (i made it through the night without any embarrassing scenes!)


at the Savoy Brasserie on Richmond, Sunday morning, reading all about it in the morning papers!

always a fun time:  The Witches Gathering.  put together and hosted by volunteers, with an authentic ritual to assist in easing, i’m very happy to say that yes i have been going for at least 17 years and if all goes well, i’ll be at the 20th annual.

Life on the Road, Page B


sunrise, October 26, highway 7 and McCowan, Markham, Ontario.  my how the scenes can whizz by the window!


“7 Changes Approaching”, 22×28 inches, acrylic on canvas, 2008.  by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  a War Horse from the twinravens 08 era.  PRIVATE collection.  (it’s in Ottawa!)  WOW!  i saw this one, first time in a very long time and yes…  i like that work!  (they won’t sell it back to me…  )


war trophy:  “Untitled”, 36×48 inches, acrylic on canvas, by First Nations artist Peter Purdy.  twinravens collection (in Ottawa).


Friday night high jinx at the Pub Italia, Preston Street, Ottawa, Oct. 26.


a swanky address:  the Ambassador Court, on Bank Street, just south of the 417, Ottawa.  i always thought that would be a slick address.  if i could take over the entire 4th floor: gut it, re plumb it, re wire it, and turn it into the twinravens Ottawa address, it might be worth moving back to the city for…


at CUBE GALLERY, on Wellington, Ottawa.  i think it is 24×36 inches, on gallery canvas, and painted during the heat wave/indio summer of 2017.  art work by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.

fun times and the party hasn’t even started yet!

Life on the Road


at Value Village, Highway 7 and 400, Wednesday morning: on the snoop for Halloween costume ideas and “things” for the cottage.


i don’t know…  opened up “The Book of Living Verse” looking for Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach, 4th stanza in partic, (it was there!) but instead was captivated by this, on the inside cover.  i wonder what became of Hugh, and i wonder if his Xmas back in 1905 was a good one…  (thought of my own poem:  thumbing through a dead man’s books!)(ah but it is one morning of many, October 25, 2017)


view from the 10th floor, 250 Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario.  looking north.


amusements at The Stag Shop, Church Street, Toronto, October 25, 2017


a swanky address:  The Manhattan, on Charles, at the corner with Church Street, Toronto.  (hey Tash, do you remember March 9, 1987?)


nice shoes!  at the Brass Rail, Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario.  Oct. 25, 2017


at the corner of Yonge and Bloor Street, Toronto, October 25, 2017


“60’s Scoop Survivors: Lost parent.  Lost child.”, 20×40 inches, acrylic on canvas.  By Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  Painted on the range, during Indian Summer, 2017.



a change in scenery


sunrise on the range, July 8th, the weekend NR was back on stage at the Northern Lights Festival.  seems like a mighty long time ago!


sunrise on the range:  indian summer!  September 16th: heat waving for a very groovy 2 plus weeks!  perfect for the woodland artist alone in the woodlands.


sunrise on the range:  September 21.  still in the heat wave and still alone in the wilds, paint brushes in my hands!


sunset on the range:  September 21.  i heard the thunder to the south and directly behind i had 3 bald eagles: singing and carrying on, doing that eagle air show where they link up with the claws.  what a show!


sweet times at the falls on September 24: at last, safe for swimming and wading.  (just watch out for the salmon going up alive or coming down dead!)


South Bay Mouth on October 18th:  it’s a 15 minute drive through the country to the shoreline.  i had planned on doing some art bridge painting but on this day it was just too windy!  so instead i made the drive to SBM, mid afternoon, to see it for myself.


South Bay Mouth and Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve on October 18th: what an amazing afternoon filled with big sights and sounds!


sunrise on the range, October 21.  i had to stop and stare as a change in scenery was coming up fast!


Ben Chee Chee print and kooky West Coast motif “things”, among others, St. Vincent De Paul store front, Wellington Street, Ottawa, on the evening of October 22:  shirt sleeve mild!


Corner of Somerset and Booth, Ottawa, October 22.  my old city address was just up to the left of the frame, on Booth Street, many moons ago to be sure!  and yet here i am back again, always looking around the same old area, the old part of town.


Blazing west on the 401 near Whitby, Ontario, 5 a.m., October 23.  Daddy’s Taxi, rolling through the day and night!


“Generations”, 30×40 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  One of the large paintings created during my trip through Indian Summer on the Range, 2017 edition.


Painting from the Art Bridge, created during Indian Summer, Sept. 2017.  9×12 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.

and so we might be at a new paint address for the next little while, not sure how long, but it is a scene we have enjoyed in the past.  never painted any pictures here so we’ll see how it goes…

Indian Residential School Survivor No. 1


“Indian Residential School Survivor No. 1”, 30×40 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.


Anishnabe artist: Mark Seabrook, on the range.