aanii!  folks summer out here on the range is an incredible experience.  we’re up with the birds and before the sun, down along the river and in the fields, soaking up the country sights, sounds and smells and the tastes in our kitchen: soon to be strawberries right out of the garden.

we were up before 5 this morning and saw 4 baby raccoon playing in the front yard!  not far away was their mother going to work on something in the tall grass under the willow tree.  now back in the city you can guaren dang tee those coons would have been into the garbage and had it all over the back deck but out here, we’ve only had that problem once.  i guess what’s in that river is enough to get them along.

and the river!!!  the water level has gone down hugely in the past 48 hours.  this past Tuesday it was a raging, thundering mass, Thursday safe, and today its a calm and slow moving crystal clear wonder.  i was sitting under falls yesterday around 4 p.m.  thinking about all the folks down there in Toronto or Ottawa, locked in traffic, trying to get out of the city, trying to get back to the cottage.  those folks blazing up the 400, hell bent on getting into Muskoka before the liquor store closes, i thought about them while i sat there in that bubbling pool of fresh water, and blazing sunshine.

our crib is a hundred year old farmhouse in the Ontario Gothic Cottage style.  we landed here in mid November 2009 and went to work on it for 7 months.  we moved into a brand new floor plan on May long weekend 2010 and it hasn’t been smooth sailing!  we had a serious bat problem but that’s been solved.  we moved in 2 young cats and they’ve cleaned out the mice.  and the yard, well lets just say it isn’t barefoot friendly…   (thistles abound).  but you can get along out here, we managed last summer wonderfully, autumn with its colour was paradise and winter is truly a winter wonderland with no shortage of snow.  spring was a bit spooky with the water rumbling by, over running the river banks and running at around 150% to the front and west of us.

we’re back in the fine climes of summer and like i said, i was sitting under the waterfalls yesterday remembering my own time spent in the city, the address downtown on Booth Street…  a fine address it was but packed in like sardines and a lawn as big as a postage stamp, it just doesn’t come anywhere near what we have out here.  out here, we’re always:  at the cottage!  and what a grand and fine way to be!

here is a photo i took last week of our old Ontario Gothic Cottage.

chi miigwetch!