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HACKED paintings No. 1 and 2

after seeing that young lad’s HACKED artwork on CBC a couple of weeks ago i was inspired!  of course it helps that i’m always rooting around at the Goodwill looking for any long lost and authentic Tom Thomson sketches on 8×10 inch panels or anything along those lines.  i did come across an original and authentic Daphne Odjig at a garage sale!  you can bet i snapped that up for the cool 20 bucks they wanted for it.  i put that in a bag and ran like a bank robber!  same with the Martin Panamick i found in a junk shop on Queen Street West, Toronto, all those years ago.


Hacked Painting Number 1:  the before photo.  found it in the goodwill, 16×20 inches, on canvas, dated 1975.  Googled the artist name and up came the obituaries.


HACKED painting No. 1: the after photo.  New title:  “I acknowledge that I live and work on the unceded territory of the Algonquin nation.”  (Remembering the Trail of Tears)(we might go back to work on this one and add a few more “things”…   )


HACKED painting Number 2: before.  found this one on the street!  a vendor had something going on, over there on Bank Street one Sunday afternoon, not far from Beaded Dreams.  i said i love the picture but i hate the price!  he sold it for 3 bucks!


HACKED painting No. 2:  after.  New title:  “The Starlight Tours, the early years.”  on canvas board, 8×10 inches.  if you don’t know what the “star light tours” are, just google them up.  they’re now famous Canadian stories.

and so!  we’re on the look out for more of these which means we’re going to have some fun, Indiana Jones style.  stay tuned as we’ll be posting more photos of the before and after, numbers 3 through 13.

and i want to say thanks to that writer/reader who emailed from the USA and asked about a detail in the INFINITY section of my debut novel: SUN INFINITY MOON.  you asked:  what is an LCBO box?  answer:  LCBO is Liquor Control Board of Ontario and an LCBO box is a heavy duty cardboard box in which they ship 12 bottles of wine, the 750 ml variety.  they’re pretty common to see at the LCBO store front, free to take for anyone moving out or in need of a little old school storage.  closer to home, on sweet and beautiful Manitoulin Island, LCBO can also stand for:  Little Current Band Office, hackney backwoods Indian humour for those in the know.

as my old comedy buddy, Mr. H.B. would say:  if you can’t laugh with them, laugh at them!

more to come!


boozhoo friends!  its only been two weeks but wow what a two weeks out here on the range and back there in the city over Halloween!  the 13th Annual Witches Gathering was a complete blast and the Zombie Strippers show was totally awesome!  we maxed it out while we were over there and the few days before, getting ready for the Debajeh show which was delivered less a few of those 24×36’s…  ah well.  they’ll be ready for the next thing that comes along.  as for the show i’m going to sneak in there and get a few pictures later this week.

ah yes though Halloween in the city is a grand time with all the flashy Halloween costumes, trimmings, cool scenes, late night parties, and amusing conversations.  the 13th Annual Witches Gathering and the Zombie Stripper show were a million miles of fun and of course the kids, they managed quite a haul on Monday the 31st, the likes of which just wouldn’t happen out here on the range as there isn’t a neighbour or neighbourhood to be seen in any direction you look!

its the old flip side of the coin out here.  Wednez of this past the wind was howling like never before and i thought the roof was going to blow off this old farm house!  all night it was howling, snarling and carrying on and i’d know as i was awake through the whole thing!   finally i said to myself i guess we can start the day (turns out it was 4 a.m.) and i went out to split some cedar for the morning blaze, what a wild scene:  the full moon was blazing in the western sky, big spooky clouds were racing past, the roaring wind was rattling anything that wasn’t tied down…  i was standing in a blaze of moonlight one moment and in pitch black the next, axe in hand, thinking holy smokers you can feel “alone” pretty fast out here even though the gals were tucked away safely in the bunks in the house across the yard.  its times like this where some of the ideas for paintings come from and the lone raven you sometimes see in my pieces, could be one of them.  this photo was taken at the Cameron Street Co op in Cannington on Wednesday morning, November 2nd.