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from the pages of the ancient journals

And now long gone! I was cleaning house last week next to the blazing fire place. I thought my journals from art school would be filled with exotic tales of sketching, painting, and the life and times of the art student, age 18 to 21. Instead it was filled with debauched tales of excess, filthy with sickly adventures that had nothing to do with art and art making. For example: I went with the class to New York City, spring 1985, to visit the Met and the Guggenheim and other exotic art galleries and in particular to see a few Jackson Pollocks and a few Mark Rothkos. I found the pages from that adventure and there was not a single word about me seeing those paintings I loved so much…

Youth truly was wasted on my young.

In later journals, from the befuddled late 1990’s (also into the blaze), I found and saved these two pages from around 1998. Here is version one:

The Corn Goddess

The Corn Goddess

That’s a Bic ball point pen on regular 8.5×11″ paper. The Corn Goddess was an idea I was muddling back then. Where the finished painting ended up I’ll never know.

Version two:

Monday, Feb. 16, 1998

Monday, Feb. 16, 1998

Bic ball point pen on standard issue paper. Well I do remember the times: No Rez was a rock and roll band and full time with plane rides and shows from one end of the country to the other. Not sure if February 1998 was the time when Air Canada lost my luggage on the trip to Whitehorse. We played the Frostbite Music Festival: my guitar showed up but nothing else! (Wearing the same clothes for 2 weeks is no way to do a road trip… )

But I digress. Bottom line: I’d like to see those paintings of the famed “Corn Goddess”. If you’re out there, reading this, and you have those paintings, drop me a line and attach of jpeg of said pieces. I would love to see them again.

the Squeeze is ON!

well here it is the day before the show!  the good folks at Debajehmujig want the pieces in there tomorrow morning and i want them in there bright and early as i’m on the road to the good city of Ottawa and those grand Halloween parties as soon as the paintings are delivered.

of course none of the pieces are ready.  i have three 24×36 inch pieces and one 30×40 on the operating tables plus a bunch of smaller ones, all in the 60 to 85% complete stage…  there might be an all nighter coming up!

even out here in the boon docks sometimes its tough to stay focused.  i have the work all over the living room but these windows!  there really is something to look at out of each and every one.  out the north window i have these 2 big bluejays hustling Shelley’s feeders.  they’ve been going to work on those sunflower seeds all morning.  when you can see them up close like this, well, i for one can’t help but stop to watch.  then there are two large hawks circling, hovering, swooping in low, scaring up the meals ready to eat in the tall grass.  these hawks are big ones!  and they have that hovering action working for them this morning which, i know its bird watching, but hey, that’s quite a scene unfolding out there.  then there is that giant east window and the river flowing past…  all of this with the classical music backdrop pouring in from the upstairs sound system.  oh boy what a day at the office.

now if you’re in the Cannington area, this weekend is the last chance you’re going get to see “A Self Portrait on November 30th”, 30×40 inches, live and in person.  that war horse is going to be officially retired.  the next stop for that one, outside of here on the range, is going to be the National Gallery of Canada in which case you’re going to have to pay to see it!  right now you can see it for free at the Cameron Street Co op.  “Feeding the Evil Wolf”, 36×48″, is now long gone to an address way out west and in factola, most of those 2008 series paintings are now long gone.  i can’t believe “November 30th” made it through 3 years of shows without anyone getting wise.

well here it is in postage stamp size.

@ Debajehmujig Theatre Group

aanii!  i just came from the cobwebbed town of Manitowaning where at 1:30 in the Monday afternoon about all you’ll see is tumble weeds blowing down the main street!  tumble weeds and a couple wrangled pages from the Manitoulin Expositor…  (i guess the local natives have taken their money someplace else!)

anywho.  i was boo’n through cause i wanted a quick snap shot of that entry of mine in Debajehmujig’s 6 Foot show, a short term group show full of surprises!  we stopped in with some friends visiting from England, this was on Saturday, and got the tour.  beauty works hanging and some dandy 3D in the main space.  tricky too:  some of the work was further along the line than my standard issue acrylic on canvas, and the way the Debajehmujig folks had it displayed, at times very tricky!  i walked through the display and came upon some black chairs stacked in a black and dark corner, with one black chair standing alone, in front of the stack.  i looked it over and thought genius!  and they way it was displayed too, in the corner, at the back, in the dark, with no lighting.  i looked for the artist info card and it wasn’t to be seen anywhere.  so i asked one of them, whose the artist?  they replied: dude its just a stack of chairs…


well anyway.  i was surprised to see my pieces hanging in a public space.  that big one is “Killers: A Self Portrait on January 24th”, acrylic on canvas, 36×48 inches, c. 1990.  the other is a sketch, “Presence”, acrylic on canvas board, 8×10 inches, c. 1985.  extremely freakish when you consider where we are today.  i don’t know if you’ve ever read the book “The Secret”, but there are pieces in that book that ring loud and clear around this camp.  loud and clear in that Halloween spooky kind of way…

here is a photo of the display.

Debajehmujig Theatre Group